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2022-2023 Committees

Executive Committee

Chair: Selena Foreman
Members: Melissa Chesnut, Lisa Crater, Troy Brady, Anthony Christian

The Committee works in conjunction with the Assistant Vice President of Human Resources by driving conversations within the Council to reach a general consensus on decisions and issues. The members will not serve on additional Staff Council committees, unless specifically appointed. Members hold the following positions:

The Executive committee seeks and appoints representatives to various committees for strategic and University operations as well as organizational structure support. The charged committees, which may change depending on the needs of this Committee and the approval of the rest of the Council, report back to the Executive Committee.

Those currently charged are as follows:

Employee Engagement and Recognition Committee

Chair: Barbara Weybrew
Members: Ryan Milke, Sierra Rains, Kala Dixon, Colin McDonough, Jill Kain, Matt Cronk, Tim Jackson

Responsibilities Charged

Outreach Committee

Chair: Marsha Martin
Members: Darci Blackney, Shelby Wood, Duane Havard, Nancy Ozanne

Responsibilities Charged:

Policy Committee

Chair: Julie Robertson
Members: Ben Rogers, Kelly O'Riley, Kim Todd, Sue Smith, Derek DeMott

Responsibilities Charged:

You can find all of Northwest Missouri State’s University policies online in the Policy Library.

Diversity & Inclusion Committee

Chair: Jessie Peter
Members: Kathleen Kobayashi, Becky Meneely

Responsibilities Charged: