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Staff Council Charter

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The Staff Council contributes to the success of Northwest Missouri State University by supporting the University mission and strategy. The Council serves to facilitate effective communication and engagement between University staff and the University President, Board of Regents, Northwest Leadership Team, and Office of Human Resources.


Each Northwest staff member will have a voice, a positive impact, and feel they are a vital member of the institution.



  • Collaboration
  • Strategic thinking
  • Inclusive culture
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Communication


  • Collaborate with stakeholders to help create an inclusive campus community, and effectively advocate and communicate updates, concerns, and recommendations that effect University staff.
  • Gather and report feedback to leadership from staff regarding the Employee Engagement Survey results
  • Provide recommendations to the Office of Human Resources and Northwest Leadership Team regarding the Employee Handbook.
  • Communicate all staff-related matters to represented areas, including, but not limited to:
    • distribution of Staff Council Meeting minutes
    • potential changes that might impact staff
    • Council activities and events
  • Serve on committees charged by the Council Chair, and potentially other ad hoc committees if necessary and available


  • Provide a clear flow of information between all stakeholders in matters concerning employees represented by this Council.
  • Align Council initiatives with University strategic goals and objective
  • Present an avenue for individuals to develop leadership opportunities.


Employees not represented by Faculty Senate or members of the Northwest Leadership Team are eligible to be members of the Staff Council. Membership will be assigned with a 1:20 ratio under each member of the Northwest Leadership Team (NLT) with less than 100 staff underneath them. Membership will be assigned a 1:20 ratio to the direct report of the NLT members with 100 or more staff. It is the goal of the Council to achieve a minority representation of at least 20% of the Council. Therefore, one seat will always be given to a representative of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion. If this percentage is not achieved through the election process, the policy committee will work with University affinity groups and assign at-large members to achieve the desired percentage. All effort should be made to have all areas represented. Members on the Staff Council will be responsible for communicating information back to their respective NLT areas.

Membership Term

Staggered two-year term with the exception of the first two years. Membership for identified members will require overlap of terms.  Individuals will be limited to two consecutive terms. Staff members will be eligible to serve again, after a two year absence.

The Council will arrange a meeting time that meets the needs of all representatives of the Council.

Executive Committee

The committee will work in conjunction with the Assistant Vice President of Human Resources by driving conversations within the Council to reach a general consensus on decisions and issues. The members will not serve on additional Staff Council committees, unless specifically appointed. Members will hold the following positions:

  • Committee Chair: The Chair will serve as the administrator presiding at all meetings and will be responsible for meeting arrangements, agendas, and notices. The Chair will report to the Board of Regents and represent the Council at Extended Leadership Team.
  • Chair-elect: The Chair-elect will serve as the backup for the Chair in his/her absence. They will be responsible for the oversight of the operating and scholarship budget and communication of spending activity and balance. This position will coordinate with the Committee Secretary to monitor Council attendance. The Chair-elect will represent the Council at Extended Leadership Team meetings. This position will also attend the Policy Committee meetings during time of elections. This position is only held by members in their 1st term, 2nd year or in their 2nd term.
  • Past Chair: The Past Chair will serve as an advisor to the Executive Committee. The Past Chair is a one year position.
  • Committee Secretary: The Secretary will be responsible for creating the agendas and recording the meeting minutes. This position will be responsible for documenting attendance.
  • Communication Chair: The Communication Chair will update social media and the Staff Council webpage. In addition, this position will be responsible for updating information on Northwest Online and Office of Human Resources’ newsletter.

This committee will seek and appoint representatives to various committees for strategic and University operations as well as organizational structure support that will report back to the committee. The current committees charged may change depending on the needs of this committee and the approval of the other Council members.

Committees Charged

Employee Engagement & Recognition Committee

  • Assist with planning actions for the employee satisfaction survey.
  • Coordinate with the Office of Human Resources to increase employee engagement
  • Develop, implement, and monitor program for new staff.
    • Match new staff with experienced Northwest employees to acquaint them with University functions, offices, and culture.
  • Plan and manage events for the State Employee Recognition Week and other employee socialization and collaboration events, including, but not limited to, the Staff Recognition Awards Banquet.

 Outreach Committee

  • Plan and manage a fundraising event each term where proceeds go towards the Northwest Staff Scholarship fund.
  • Annually gather and submit a staff recipient, as noted in the Scholarship Agreement.
  • Coordinate with University Advancement for the Annual Faculty/Staff Giving Campaign to promote philanthropic giving.
  • Attend and assist University Advancement with the Holiday Coffee event at the Alumni House.

 Policy Committee

  • Review and provide a recommendation for policy changes, including Employee Handbook changes, and process issues brought to the Council by committee members, staff, Human Resources, and/or leadership.
  • Collect nominations for the Staff Council.
    • Notify each area, respective area lead, and Northwest Leadership Team member of the number of positions that are open and the length of each term. The leaders of each area will ensure nominations and submit the representatives, to the Policy Committee.
    • Create a list of the Council members, with term of appointment, for the secretary to post to the website.
    • Seek new members to the Staff Council, in the event that a member leaves the University, or vacates a position.
  • Annually review the Staff Council Charter and suggest edits to be made for necessayr update

Diversity & Inclusion Committee

  • Represent Staff Council in Climate Advisory Board
  • Represent Staff Council in Inclusion Committee
  • Implement Staff Council DI Action Plan


  • Effectiveness of Staff Council: Net positive change
  • Scholarship fund: Net positive change
  • Staff giving: Net positive change