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Step-by-Step Guide to Using Northwest Scheduler


Select Term, Campus, and Level

When you first login, you will be prompted to select the term, campus, and student level. Each of these selections can be changed later. Students should select the Northwest-Maryville and Northwest-Kansas City option unless your student status is Online Professional (OP) or Web Only (WO).


Filters (Optional)

Filter courses by status (open/full/waitlist) or parts of term (full term, block courses, OP1, etc.) using the buttons labeled Change at the top of the page.


Breaks (Optional)

Click Add Break if there are times you are not available for class. Examples include work, practice, and family obligations.


Add Courses

Click Add Course to begin adding courses you wish to take. You can find courses by subject, attribute (NW Core category, Web course, Northwest-Kansas City, etc.), instructor, or CRN. Once you find the course, click Add Course to include the course in your schedule. Repeat this process to include all courses you would like to include in your schedule, and then click Done to return to the main screen.


Generate Schedules

Click Generate Schedules to show all potential schedules based on filters, breaks, and courses.

  • Preview a schedule by hovering over the magnifying glass to see when classes are offered in that schedule.
  • Compare schedules by clicking the checkboxes of up to 4 schedules and then click compare to view side-by-side.
  • View a schedule allows you to see full details for each course in the schedule.
  • Use the arrow button in the top right to move through the schedule options.
  • Locking a section will remove other potential schedules without that particular section. Locking will help to narrow down your schedule results and essentially builds the schedule around the particular section that is locked.
  • Favorite a schedule by clicking over the heart icon. This allows you to name the schedule and save it so you can easily refer back to it later. You can favorite multiple schedules by naming them differently.

Send to Registration Cart

Once you have found the schedule you would like to register for, click Send to Registration Cart.



After sending to the registration cart, click Register to begin the enrollment process. When the Please Confirm message appears, click Continue.  Students will be taken to a screen where it asks for their Alternate Pin (ALT PIN) which is received following advisement. Enter the ALT PIN and click Save and Continue.  The Registration Results screen displays for successful registrations.  Error messages regarding prerequisites, supersede courses, campus restrictions, and course availability will appear during this step.  Click OK to exit.