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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to wait until my enrollment window opens to use Northwest Scheduler?

No! Northwest Scheduler is available to use once the course schedule for the upcoming term is available (about 3 weeks before preregistration opens). Follow steps 1-5 from the step-by-step guide to using Northwest Scheduler to prepare for registration. Once you find a schedule you want to save, click the heart icon at the top of the screen allowing you to name and save the schedule. You can save multiple schedules and even send to yourself or your advisor to review by clicking on the Email button.

Do I still need an Alternate Pin (ALT PIN) to register using Northwest Scheduler?

Yes! You will receive your alternate pin following your advisement meeting with your academic advisor. You can use Northwest Scheduler without having your ALT PIN but you will not be able to complete the registration process without it.

I don’t know who my advisor is. How do I find out?

Your academic advisor is listed on your Degree Audit and in CatPAWS by clicking on the Student, Registration, and then Student Records/Advisor Information. If you are changing majors and need a new advisor, contact the Student Success Center for general advisement or to assist in finding an advisor for your new major.

How do I share my schedule with my academic advisor?

After you generate schedules, click on View to take you to the detailed view of the schedule. Then choose the email option at the top of the screen. You can email it to yourself and then forward on to your academic advisor. The other option is to email directly to your advisor by putting in their email address. Don't forget to put your name in the body of the message so the advisor knows whose potential schedule they are viewing.

I am getting an error message when I try to register. What am I doing wrong?

The registration system checks for conditions – such as time conflicts, prerequisites, lab and lecture combinations, corequisite courses, and closed classes – that may block you from registering for a class.

Following is a list of registration errors and options to resolve them:


Student is trying to enroll in a class section that does not match campus (Northwest, Online Professional, Web Only)

Actions to resolve the issue:

  • Choose a different section that has the correct campus designation (NW, WO, OP)

Closed Class

Enrollment in this section has reached the maximum set by the department

Actions to resolve the issue:

  • Choose a different section of the class
  • Add your name to the Waitlist if one is available
  • Initiate an add form to the instructor to be added to the course (must also be approved by the Director or Department Chair)

Maximum Hours Error

The class the student is attempting to add to registration causes them to exceed the maximum academic load permitted.

Actions to resolve the issue:

  • Drop a class
  • Submit an Excess Credit request petition
  • Contact the Registrar’s Office

Prerequisite NOT MET Error

Student has not completed a required prerequisite course or does not have the test score required for this class, or has not been accepted into the Teacher Education program (Ed majors only).

Actions to resolve the issue:

  • Check the course catalog entry to find out what type of prerequisite is required
  • If you believe you have met the prerequisite, initiate an add form to the instructor to override the error (must also be approved by the Director or Department Chair)

Registration Holds

Student has a hold which prevents adding or dropping a class in the registration system

Actions to resolve the issue:

  • Cashiering holds: Contact Student Account Services
  • Admissions hold: Contact Admissions Office
  • Academic Department hold: Contact the Registrar’s Office


Student is attempting to enroll in a course already completed

Actions to resolve the issue:

  • Submit a Supersede Petition request through CatPAWS if the course is eligible to be repeated
  • Graduate students must contact the Graduate Office for permission

Time Conflict Error

The section of the course you selected conflicts with the time of a previously registered class.

Actions to resolve the issue:

  • Choose a different section of the course
  • Drop the course causing the time conflict and choose a different section
  • Initiate an add form to request permission to override the time conflict from the instructor (must also be approved by the Director or Department Chair)

How do I select 500- or 600- level courses?

For Northwest Scheduler to work correctly for 500- and 600- level courses, the student MUST select all levels that the course is offered for credit at Northwest. Otherwise, when you click the Generate Schedules button, an error message is displayed that indicates the Subject and Course Number causing the problem.

Example error message:

"COM 29553 does not have any available sections with the settings you have selected."

Actions to resolve the issue:

To correct this error, click the Change button for Levels and select as follows:

  • 100- through 400-level courses – Select Undergraduate Level Only
  • 500-level courses – Select Undergraduate, Graduate and Specialist (ALL THREE levels MUST be checkmarked)
  • 600-level courses – Select Graduate and Specialist (BOTH levels must be checkmarked)
  • 700-level courses – Select Specialist Level Only

I’ve selected my courses and added breaks and when I choose generate schedules there are no available schedule options. Why?

Courses you are trying to enroll in may only be taught at certain locations, at certain times, or in certain semesters. You can try to adjust filters such as part of term, level, etc. or consider removing the breaks you included. Once you do this, click on the Generate Schedules button again to see if it produces schedule options.