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Are paper forms still available?

Yes, but electronic forms should be used if at all possible.

For petition forms, paper forms are no longer available. Though any paper forms that are already in the pipeline will be honored.

Can the form be rejected?

Yes, there is a button at the bottom of the form call Return for Revisions. The instructor or Department Chair/School Director can click on this button, and an email will pop up addressed to the student. The instructor/Chair/Director should type, “Request Denied/Rejected” into the subject line of the email, and state the reason for the rejection in the body of the email prior to sending it to the student.

Can changes be made to the form?

Only the initiator can make changes to the form, so it must go back to the initiator.

For petitions, this means that if the Director rejects the petition, it will go back to the instructor/advisor who must then reject it to move it back to the student.

Can an advisor fill out the form for the student?

No, the student must initiate the form, but could easily log into the form during an advisement session.

What does the automated email look like?

You are receiving this email because “Student Name” has submitted an "Name of Form" request and needs your approval. 

Example Email: Submitter

Pictured: Example email sent to Submitter

Example Email: Approver

Pictured: Example email sent to Approver

If you have any questions, please contact the Registrar's Office at 660.562.1151 or email the Registrar's Office at

When you click the link within the email "Complete your section of the form", the Northwest Network login window will appear and login to access the form.

Dynamic Forms Login

Pictured: Northwest Network login screen

Note: is not an email address that you can reply to or send an email to. Please direct all emails to either the Registrar’s office or the IT Service Center at if you have questions or concerns about the Northwest Dynamic Forms email you receive.


Can course drops be done with the Drop Course with Cashiering Hold form?

No, drops should be done through CatPAWS. If students are dropping all classes, that is a withdraw, which is a different form.

Is there is a drop form available to use if the student has a cashiering hold which would prevent them from dropping the course through CatPAWS?

Yes. See the Drop Course with Cashiering Hold form. Advisors will get copied on these drop requests and must login to approve.

Can this form be used for administrative drops?

No, administrative drop requests should be emailed to noting the student 919#, CRN#/Course number/Course title to be dropped, that the policy was in the syllabus, and that the student has been notified of the drop.

Where can I see a dashboard listing all of my outstanding add form requests?

Create a shortcut on your desktop to:

Dynamic Forms Welcome screen

Pictured: Typical view if you login to DF with the above link as a submitter or approver of a form.


What happens if I put the wrong email in for my advisor or instructor?

The petition will sit there and not be moved forward. Please be sure to check this carefully.


If I put in the wrong email, what should I do?

Call or email the Registrar’s office to ask if the petition can be deleted.

You will need to complete a new petition, but won’t be able to do so unless the old one is deleted first.

How do I find out the decision of my petition?

  • You will be notified with an automated email once the petition has been approved, denied, or tabled, and asked to log into the petition dashboard to review the status of your petition.
  • You can review the status of your petition at any time through the dashboard.
  • An official letter will be uploaded to the petition within 3 business days of the decision.
  • Type in "dynamic forms" to search for the email notification in your email.

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