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June 28, 2019

Northwest announces leadership changes; Green appointed VP of culture

Northwest Missouri State University has announced leadership changes in conjunction with a realignment of its Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) and the naming of Dr. Clarence Green as its vice president of culture.

The changes, approved by Northwest’s Board of Regents, result from the February resignation of Dr. Juanita Simmons, who had served as Northwest’s vice president of diversity, equity and inclusion, since 2016. Nola Bond, the University’s vice president of strategy and operations since 2013, also will depart Northwest at the end of this month.

“We are thankful for Nola’s service and contributions, which will have long-lasting impacts within human resources as well strategy and operations,” Northwest President Dr. John Jasinski said. “Examples of outcomes of her work include spearheading all phases of our strategic planning process as well as helping craft our current strategic plan, ‘Focus;’ leading the development of our University goals, which are set on an annual basis as a result of the strategic planning process and aligned to our strategic objectives; guiding the development of our Northwest leadership model and related leadership competencies; developing a 4-UP measurement and tracking system aligned to University goals and priorities as well as an aligned performance analysis and review system; helping align budget priorities and allocations to strategies; leading the fall 2017 enrollment kaizen event that has led to many improvements within our recruiting and retention systems; infusing change management processes; and, of course, overseeing the offices of Human Resources, Information Technology, Institutional Research and University Police.”

As vice president of culture, Green’s work will focus on organizational culture and articulating, infusing and reinforcing the shared beliefs, norms and values important to Northwest’s long-term success and effectiveness. Green will serve as a member of the Northwest Leadership Team and address the people side of the University through engagement and listening strategies, data and strategic thought leadership. He will oversee organizational prioritization and strategy development and execution.

In addition to retaining his role as chief of the University Police Department, Green will oversee Northwest’s Office of Human Resource and the Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness.

“As our vice president of culture, Clarence will provide leadership and planning expertise as he facilitates organizational change, monitors and nurtures organizational culture and provides means to ensure the measuring of organizational effectiveness,” Jasinski said. “He will serve a key role on the Northwest Leadership Team and ensure leadership team members and I have keen awareness of cultural strengths and weaknesses; addressing the University’s attraction, retention and development of talent to champion Northwest’s culture; and navigating pathways for the University to address a rapidly-changing environment as it embraces ongoing change for 2030 and beyond.”

Green, who had served as Northwest’s interim director of diversity, equity and inclusion since Simmons’ resignation, joined Northwest in 1996 and has served on numerous safety and law enforcement committees. He holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Northwest as well as several law enforcement and emergency management certifications. He recently completed his doctorate in educational leadership and policy analysis through Northwest’s cooperative doctorate program with the University of Missouri-Columbia.

Supporting Green are Egon Heidendal as assistant vice president of institutional research and effectiveness, and Krista Barcus is assistant vice president of human resources. Lt. Amanda Cullin and Lt. Anthony Williams also are assuming additional leadership responsibilities in the University Police Department.

Additionally, Jasinski has announced a realignment of Northwest’s DEI office into the oversight of the Office of the Provost to strengthen its alignment with academic programs and allow for enhancements to curriculum, policies and processes that impact underrepresented or marginalized students, faculty and staff. 

“We know diversity, equity and inclusion is changing across the education sector,” Jasinski said. “Institutions are under increased scrutiny for having a lack of clear metrics and academic accountability for actions. We also know Northwest’s retention and graduation rates of underrepresented students are significantly less than majority students. Our new alignment and reallocation for an associate provost of DEI will focus on academic support for underrepresented students with metrics for the unit centered on retention and graduation. This also dovetails nicely into the findings we are gaining through our work on the AASCU Center for Student Success.”

Northwest’s Title VI and Title IX offices, which had been under the DEI umbrella, now reside with the Office of Student Affairs to create synergies with counseling, advocacy and Green Dot, and institutional bystander intervention programming. The University’s accessibility office reports to Wellness Services to work closely with ADA and accommodation matters.


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