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Media Passes

Access to Campus

Northwest is a public institution, and members of the news media are welcome on campus at all times for any legitimate purpose. However, we always appreciate it when reporters let us know they're coming. This allows media relations staff to arrange for source access and interviews beforehand, thus saving reporters time and effort when working on deadline.

With the exception of residence halls, which serve as private homes for our students, the majority of University facilities are open to the media during regular business hours. Exceptions include classrooms, where individual professors may refuse access, and support facilities or construction sites where safety issues may exist.

Reporters are free to speak with any adult member of the University community whether or not they have made arrangements through media relations staff. However, members of our community are also free not to respond. In addition, some students, such as children attending Horace Mann Laboratory School, are minors and parental permission is required before an interview can take place. Media relations staff will help reporters secure such permission if it is needed to cover the story.


If your coverage of Northwest brings you to campus frequently, you will want to apply for a media parking permit.

Permits are issued at no charge. Submit the following information to, and your permit will be mailed to you:

Your full name
Business name
Work address and zip code
Work phone number
Emergency or cell number
Vehicle make and model
Vehicle color
Vehicle year
License plate number

Media parking permits are good for one year. If you do not have one and need to park on campus, temporary permits are available from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, at the cashiering office on the first floor of the Administration Building.

Permanent and temporary permits are good at any campus posted for faculty and staff. They do not apply to reserved spaces or areas where parking is prohibited.

When parking on campus without a permit outside of regular business hours, a limited number of visitors' spaces are available just north of the circle drive on the east side of the Administration Building. Call 660.541.1173 if you have questions.


Dr. Mark Hornickel
Administration Building
Room 215