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Preparing To Go Abroad

Passport / Visa

All Northwest students studying abroad are required to obtain a passport. Passport applications can take up to 2-4 months, and student visas another 2-3 weeks. Without a passport, students cannot apply for a student visa or enter other countries. It is your responsibility to apply for a passport and a student visa. Make sure you check if you need a visa for the country in which you are planning to study.

To check whether a Student Visa is required, visit Visa Requirements. For many programs less than 90 days you will NOT need a visa (your passport is your visa).

A passport is your valid identification as an US citizen. Passports are needed to enter and leave the United States and to enter and leave foreign countries. The US Department of State is the governing authority that issues passports to US citizens. For more information on applying, visit Passport.

Pre-Departure Orientation

Northwest's pre-departure orientation is required before you depart. If you don't get our invitation to the orientation please contact our office through our email or call 660.562.1367

Health Documents

Check the health document requirements needed for the university you are attending and look up if any documents are required to enter the country. Most countries will NOT require immunizations; however, some places in Africa, South America, and SE Asia may require shots or pills. For a list of immunization requirements by destination, visit Traveler's Health | Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.