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Application Process

To begin an application, you MUST first select a program. Use the Program Search tool to locate a semester/year-long or summer option and click "Apply Now" on the program's brochure page. If necessary, you can change your program preferences later.

Program Search Tool

Northwest Study Abroad Deadlines

Remember! The Study Abroad Office does not accept late applications. Regardless of the deadlines listed on some our partner's websites or literature you need to submit your application by the Northwest Study Abroad deadlines 

Acceptance Decision

Wait for an acceptance decision from the Study Abroad Office. The Study Abroad Coordinator will review your application for semester or summer abroad. For Faculty Led Programs the application is revised by the Study Abroad Coordinator and the Faculty Program Directors. If your application is complete and you meet all eligibility requirements, your application will be changed to the Accepted phase, and you will receive an email. To finalize your Study Abroad application, log in to your study abroad portal and click on the Commit button and complete all post-decision items. Once you have check-marks by all items and you have attended the required pre-departure orientation meeting, you are ready to go abroad!

Pre-Departure Online Requirements

Once you have been accepted to a program you must log in to your study abroad portal and complete all post-decision Signature Document(s), Application Questionnaire(s) and Required Reading(s) two weeks prior to your pre-departure orientation. You may be dismissed from the program if any items are not completed within this time frame.

Your program application is complete once a check-mark appears next to every application item.

Additional Information

checkbox Need help with your application? Make an appointment with the Study Abroad Office

We will help you determine that the program you have selected is a good academic match for you. Schedule an appointment with the Study Abroad Coordinator, by calling 660.562.1367 or e-mailing

checkbox Obtain a Passport

Without a passport you will not be able to travel abroad or apply for a visa even if you have been accepted. Apply for your Passport as soon as you make the decision to Study Abroad. Processing can take months.

 checkbox Research Visa requirements

Every country has a different application process and requirements for visa application. Some countries might request a criminal background record.

  • Find information from the program or university web site.
  • It is your responsibility to obtain information and apply for the visa.
  • The Study Abroad Office will mail the visa application for you at no additional expense.

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