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How Wondr Works

100% Digital Program – Cost covered by Northwest!

Participants have three physical activity tracks to choose from.

Participants receive tailored curriculum based on specific eating patterns and communications based on their results, goals, and needs.

Participants receive a variety of mind-body stress management strategies personalized to build a better life balance.

Wondr Timeline


WondrSkills (First 10 Weeks)

Learn simple, repeatable skills through weekly lessons


WondrUp (Second 10 weeks)

Reinforce and practice skills through weekly personalized lessons


WondrLast (Remaining 32 weeks)

Maintain progress with customizable lessons that keep the weight off, and so many other benefits

Wondr is the leading digital behavioral change program that treats the root cause of obesity and chronic disease.

A renowned team of experts teach science-based skills through weekly videos that participants can access anytime, anywhere.

Here's what Wondr looks like in action

  • A world-class line up of renowned instructors who are experts in their field.
  • Research-based, tailored content tracks for physical activity and eating behaviors based on user’s goals, lifestyles, and preferences.
  • Skills Checks, quizzes, and in-the-moment tools to reinforce learning, provide and create results that last.
  • Non-video, off-line resources like downloadable tip sheets that consider all types of learners.
  • Welcome Kit with components designed to excited participants and keep them on track towards their goal.
  • Built-in 24/7 online support and community and access to certified health coaches


Bearcat Family Camaraderie

Bearcat Family Camaraderie

Dr. Melissa Van Buren will be hosting optional monthly meetings for all participants interested in sharing what they are learning from the Wondr program. Offer support and encouragement while learning from one another.