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Why Join Wondr?

Wondr is led by a team of experts to teach you the science of taste, exercise, fullness, less stress, better sleep and more! Here's a "flavor" of some of the topics.

  • The science of mindful eating
  • Behavioral science foundation of weight loss
  • How to listen to your body
  • When to eat to burn fat
  • How to use flavor and nutrition to feel full

“I thought this program wasn’t going to work for my workgroup, nor my ethnicity, nor my gender. I didn’t think this transformation was possible. You’re going to feel like you’re capable of anything.”

– Bridget J.
Lost 30 lbs, Gained Confidence

I have a busy schedule and work long hours. But I made this work, and it worked for me.

– Brian F.
Lost 50 lbs, Gained Energy

Quality of life improvements

61%  have more energy
85%  feel more in control of their weight
57%  improved their mood
62%  have more self-confidence

With the Wondr Program, getting into a healthier lifestyle actually helped me clear my head.

– Brad M.
Lost 70 lbs, Gained Less Anxiety

It started with Wondr. Not only did I prove that I could set these goals and achieve them, now I have a plan.

– Joe R.
Lost 60 lbs, Gained Motivation

“Wondr has given me the tools that I needed all along to make the changes that I needed. It’s given me a new chance in life.”

– Gail M.
Lost 35 lbs, Gained Confidence