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About Student Employment

Student employment provides students with valuable work experiences, networking opportunities with the campus and community, opportunities to expand future career choices, and much more.

Find additional information and resources, including the Student Employee Handbook and Supervisor Toolbox on Canvas. (login required) 

Why should I consider working on campus?

Student employment provides students with valuable work experiences, networking opportunities with the campus and community, opportunities to expand future career choices and much more.

Who is eligible for student employment?

Any student enrolled in a minimum of six credit hours a semester and is eligible for employment in the United States, may apply for student employment. All students must establish they are eligible for employment in the United States by the guidelines administered through the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. Financial need is not a factor of student employment eligibility.

How do I find a job?

  • Jobs are posted on the Student Employment webpage, as they become available.
  • Students are encouraged to check the website at least twice a week for available positions.
  • Jobs will remain posted for a minimum of three business days.
  • Job postings include a job description, required qualifications, weekly hours available, wage rate and the supervisor’s contact information.
  • Students complete an online application to apply for a position.

When is the best time to start looking for a job?

The best time to look for a fall position is in mid-June, once SOAR dates begin. Jobs continue to be posted throughout the year. If you are seeking employment for the spring semester, you can begin searching for a position any time in the fall semester.

Is it easy to get a job?

More students seek on-campus employment than there are jobs available. Positions are posted continuously throughout the year as vacancies become available. Students may need to consider accepting a less desirable job while continuing to search for a more desirable position.

Why do students have to submit a job application for every position?

  • Students will complete an initial electronic application in the NEOGOV system. NEOGOV maintains candidate responses for future applications, while providing the ability to make changes or update responses as necessary.
  • Each area selects their own student employees based on unique skills, abilities and experiences relative to their position.
  • Supervisors can ask questions that help them get to know the applicant better as it relates to the position by utilizing supplemental questions in addition to the standard application.

How many students work on campus?

There are nearly 950 student employees and 1,200 student employment positions during the fall and spring semesters. There are about 250 student employees working during the summer semester. 

How much money will I earn?

Most positions earn $10.30 an hour. Student employees who work 10 hours a week during the fall and spring semesters earn approximately $3,300. Students receive earnings monthly. Earnings are received one month after the work is completed. Opportunities for wage increases are available through Career Pathing.

What types of jobs are available?

Students work in nearly every area on campus. One-third of the positions are office assistants. Other jobs include library assistant, desk assistant, tutor, student custodian, sports official, farm assistant, on-air announcer, lab assistant, among many others.

How many hours can I work?

Students may work a maximum of 20 hours each week. The average number of hours student employees work is 10 hours a week.

How many student employment jobs are allowed per student?

There is no limit on the number of positions a student can work. However, a student may not exceed a total of 20 work hours a week.

Does federal work study guarantee employment?

  • No. Federal work-study eligibility indicates the student qualifies to be paid with federal funds. The earnings are not considered income for financial aid purposes. However, it is taxable income for IRS purposes. Students who work on campus without federal work study must show their earnings as income when reapplying for financial aid.
  • Northwest believes that students should be responsible for their own job search and application process as part of their education. These skills will be valuable upon graduation from college. Assigning a position does not assist the student in developing independence or self-management skills.

What is required to begin employment?

All new employees must complete an I-9 Eligibility Verification form, W-4 tax forms, payroll enrollment form and a confidentiality statement to begin working. The I-9 form requires presenting documents that establish identity and employment eligibility. The most popular documents used to establish employment eligibility are:

  • Unexpired passport OR
  • One photo identification, such as a unexpired driver’s license, student identification card or military card and either an original social security card or an original or certified copy of a birth certificate

A student also needs to have knowledge of what to claim on their W-4 tax forms (both federal and state).

Why do I have to show an original birth certificate or social security card? Why is a fax or a photocopy of the document not acceptable?

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services require the viewing of only original documents. Although this may be an inconvenience, it is a federal law. Future employers will likewise have the same requirement.

Are there employment opportunities other than those with the Northwest Student Employment Program?

Yes, there are non-university opportunities that are posted on the website. These are positions that are within the community but not affiliated with Northwest. There are also positions available with Campus Dining and the Bearcat Shop on campus.

Students are successful in finding employment when they…

  • Check the website for available positions at least twice a week.
  • Talk with friends and employees about job prospects.
  • Have an audible, courteous voicemail response.
  • Return calls or e-mails promptly (check Northwest issued e-mail).
  • Arrive early for interviews.
  • Dress appropriately during any interaction with a potential employer – business casual attire is preferred, a neat appearance is crucial.
  • Demonstrate courtesy, professionalism, self-motivation and confidence.
  • Utilize the Office of Career Services for resume writing, interviewing and job application resources
  • Proceed in an assertive, professional and courteous manner (not aggressive). Some supervisors receive many applications for only one position. Simply submitting your application may not be enough. However, contacting a supervisor every day is too much.
  • Are willing to consider various types of positions