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About the Office of Human Resources

Mission Statement

The Northwest Office of Human Resources supports the University's mission, values and strategic initiatives. We take active responsibility and support continuous learning and employee development across all units and among all employee classifications. (We are committed to offering equal employment opportunity and providing a discrimination-free environment.) The benefit and compensation programs will be administered fairly and equitably focusing on competitive market-based trends. We strive to be fair, responsive and trustworthy.

Core Values

We focus on our students and stakeholders.

We consider the continuous improvement of our student employment program a top priority; the participation and successful engagement in student employment is intended to provide learning and job experience in order for the students to succeed in work life and enhance their educational experience.

We provide all University employees, potential employees, and retirees information in a timely, service-oriented, supportive environment with respect and courtesy.

We care about each other.

We recognize our students, faculty and staff at recognition events; we provide a competitive, generous benefits package; we welcome all voices within the campus community through satisfaction survey participation and/or individual contacts; we participate in faculty and staff welfare committees and actively listen to all concerns and opinions.

We are a learning organization, continually improving our University and ourselves.

We continue to improve our service to the University and our performance by membership and leadership in our professional organizations. Each professional serves on numerous University cross-functional teams committed to improving outcomes and student-focused services as well as employee well - being.

We continually strive to support professional and personal development through training and development opportunities for all employees.

We collaborate and work together to accomplish our goals.

We meet weekly to review and accomplish departmental goals and individually report on challenges, accomplishments or changes.

We regularly meet with others, individually and collectively, to focus our priorities and to cooperatively set new goals for the future and to provide employment-related services.

We master the details of what we do.

We prepare for meetings, trainings, and individual conferences. We stay current with all of the Federal, State and University regulations and policies governing pre-employment and employment.

We are active participants in our professional organizations, CUPA-HR (College and University Professional Association in Human Resources), SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management), and NSEA (National Student Employment Association)--our resources for the details of our profession. We seek certification when appropriate and use our colleagues as benchmarks for improvements or comparative data.

We are open and ethical.

We strive to be honest and open as a standard operating procedure. We are committed to full disclosure of information that will affect an individual's or work group's employment and we are committed to being fair, equitable, responsive and earning of the trust of the campus community and the public we serve.

We abide by all Federal, State and University laws and policies. We keep all files, correspondence, conversations and records confidential as expected.

We are leaders in our field.

We consider our Culture of Quality and the subsequent applications and awards for quality to be both rewarding and challenging at the same time.

We are proud to be the leader in providing an advanced student employment career pathing program that offers wage increases based on performance and training. In support of the University's leadership we consider ourselves one of the leaders in communicating organizational goals and values; working as a team, collaborating and partnering; rewarding and recognizing employees; supporting continuous learning and development; and responding well to change and innovation.