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Cat Crew 2023 Recruitment

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Cat Crew is made up of Northwest student organization members and individual student volunteers. Its purpose is to help incoming freshmen move into the residence halls in the fall. It is a great opportunity to receive recognition for your group or organization and complete your first philanthropy of the year!

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We are seeking student organizations to volunteer to help make moving in a little easier for incoming freshmen on Thursday, August 17th. Only organizations selected will be allowed to help with move-in.

To apply for your organization, complete the form below. If you run out of space to add members, simply submit a second form with the remainder of the names. We will accept applications until we reach our goal of approximately 225 volunteers. Due to budget limitations, this is the maximum we can accept, so we encourage you to apply early.

Any questions about the Cat Crew program may be sent by email to Scott Shields at

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