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Frequently Asked Questions

Housing Application & Room Selection

What determines the order students follow to select their room?

Selection order is based primarily on the date you submitted your housing application. 

Move In

Can residents have a microwave and/or refrigerator?

Yes. Students may bring their own provided the refrigerator does not exceed five cubic feet and 2.5 amps. Residents can have only one microwave per room that is 700 watts or less and plugged into a power strip with a circuit breaker. We recommend that all appliances be plugged into a circuit breaker as well.

Can residents construct lofts?

Students living in Dieterich or Millikan may construct lofts in their room if they follow the loft guidelines. Due to various sizes of the rooms, roommate changes, etc., it is recommended to wait until you arrive on campus before constructing your loft. Visit Beds and Lofts for more information.

What are the specifications on the notebook computer and what is compatible?

Visit Textbooks and Laptop Included* for all of the specifics on the laptop computers provided by Northwest.

Are freshmen required to live on campus?

YES. Like many universities, Northwest has a residency requirement which requires all first-time freshmen to live in the residence halls unless they are married, at least 21 years of age or are commuting from their parents' or lifetime guardian's primary residence. Students not living in the residence halls must complete the commuter card and be approved to commute to campus, otherwise housing fees may still apply.

What if I decide to move off campus at semester?

The Housing and Food Services Agreement is for the entire academic year. Release at the end of the fall semester will only be considered for those residents who complete the Petition for Release from the Housing and Food Services Agreement and are approved with extreme and unusual circumstances. Freshmen petitioning for release must meet the criteria for commuting students.

Does housing provide linens?


What size of sheets do I buy?

The mattresses in Dieterich and Millikan are regular twin size (76"). All other halls are "extra long twin" (80").  We recommend purchasing extra long size regardless of mattress size.  All upper-class housing has extra long mattresses.  If you purchase extra long, you can be assured your sheets can be used the following year. Just tuck them in a little further if you get the regular twin-size bed as a freshman.

What will be in my room when I get to Northwest?

All rooms have two beds, two desks, two chairs, two closets, and two dressers. For floor plans and room layout guides visit the Halls & Apartments section of the Residential Life website.

Can I store any of my items outside of my room?

No. There is no student storage space in the Residence Halls. Please consider this information when you pack your belongings. All University furniture must remain in the room.

Can I decorate my room?

Yes. Your room is your home for the next nine months, so bring what you need to feel at home - within reason. Pictures, plants, rugs, posters, fish, bulletin boards, curtains, and bedspreads can all add that special touch. Please remember that all University furniture must remain in the room and the room and furniture needs to be in the same condition as when you checked in, or you will be assessed damage charges for the difference.

Can I bring my own furniture?

Yes. You are encouraged to make your room as homey as possible. We've provided you with everything we think you'll need, but if you have a favorite chair, dresser, etc., you can bring that too. Just be sure to leave room for the furniture already in the room because you are not allowed to remove University furniture from your room. You will be charged for any missing furniture when you check out.

Is move-in day going to be really busy?

Yes, but the Residential Life staff has developed a smooth process for check-in and for you to move your items into the hall. There will be designated unloading zones in front of the building for you to quickly unload your items into carts with the aid of a Cat CREW member. The Cat CREW is a group of student volunteers who assist freshmen on move-in day. These students are more than happy to assist you; however, you are responsible for moving your belongings into your room as well. Your Resident/Student Assistants and Hall/Complex Director will be in the building and available to answer any questions you may have.

Can I smoke in my room?

No. Northwest Missouri State University is a smoke-free campus.

Who cleans my room?

You and your roommate are responsible for the cleanliness of your room. The residence hall custodians are responsible for cleaning hallways, lobbies, other community areas and community bathrooms. Suite and Apartment style bathrooms are the responsibility of the residents assigned to those bathrooms.

Can I paint my room?

No. The rooms are painted on a rotating basis. Due to safety, facility longevity, keeping paint neutral, and paint compatibility, we do not allow students to paint their room.

Can I study in my residence hall?

Studies have consistently shown that freshmen living on campus are more likely to return to the university for their second semester than those living off campus. The Residential Life office has teamed up with various other offices on campus to provide academic assistance and programming in the freshman residence halls. There are expanded study hours (quiet hours) in all the freshman residence halls, an ARCH (Academic Resource Consultant in Hall) who can assist you with academic questions, and a PERT (Peer Educator in Residence for Technology) who can assist you with any computer questions. There are also study lounges on each floor, as well as those designated for 24-hour study in each residence hall.

Can I have a car on campus?

Yes, but you must purchase a parking permit. Start by registering your car online in CatPAWS. You will then be able to pick up your permit at the Administration building, Student Services Desk. For complete details on purchasing a parking permit, including costs, view the parking policy page.

Can I have a bicycle on campus?

Yes!  Bikes are permitted on campus, HOWEVER, it has been our observation that a vast majority of students who bring bikes to campus don’t use them. If you do choose to bring one, it must be registered with University Police and be stored on the bike racks outside your residence hall. There is no charge for bike registration.

What happens if I can't get along with my roommate?

You must live with your assigned roommate until the second week of class. At that time, you may change rooms for any reason-no questions asked as long as space is available. After room change week, if you and your roommate just cannot get along, see your RA. He or she will help you work through the issues and make a roommate contract. If all else fails, your Hall Director will assist you in working through the tough times and find you the best possible living arrangement. Room changes after room change week may be assessed a room change fee.

What is visitation?

Visitation hours are the hours that members of the opposite gender can visit you in your room. All Upper-classmen halls have 24-hour visitation, seven days a week. Freshman halls have 24-hour visitation on the weekends, and 9AM-1AM visitation during the week.

Do I have to take all of my stuff home during Thanksgiving, Winter and Spring breaks?

NO. If you return to the same room after the break, you may leave your things. The halls will be locked during breaks, and only those residents that have made special arrangements will be allowed in the building. There are additional safety inspections conducted during breaks. However, you are advised to take all valuable items home with you.