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Textbooks and Laptop Included*

Studying just got a little easier

Kelsey Buyert

The textbook program makes my life much easier as a student at Northwest. Picking up a pre-packaged bundle of textbooks at the beginning of the semester and returning them at the end is a simple and convenient process that relieves a lot of anxiety as a student. 

Picking up the laptop goes just as smoothly, and you’re able to spend all the money you get as graduation gifts on something other than a laptop. The laptop comes fully loaded with all the software needed to be a successful student at Northwest. 

The textbook and laptop programs were very influential in my final decision in choosing Northwest. With the cost of textbooks and a laptop included in tuition, Northwest became the most affordable school for me, even as an out-of-state student.

Kelsey Buyert
Sheldon, Iowa

Laptop Specifications

HP Probook 440 free to use for every full time student at Northwest

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