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Established in 1906, Horace Mann Laboratory School is a training ground for education majors. Laboratory schools provide the environment in which best practices in education flourish and innovative research projects begin.  Laboratory schools provide students the opportunity to not only learn from master teachers but to participate in best instructional practices. 

Northwest Missouri State University has over 600 education majors that walk through the halls of Horace Mann each year. These students have the unique opportunity to participate in an onsite training facility. Our elementary students receive the benefits of best practices teaching strategies, individualized instruction, and integrated studies.

Welcome to Horace Mann Laboratory School!

Welcome to Horace Mann Laboratory School, located on the campus of Northwest Missouri State University. Horace Mann is one of only a small number of laboratory schools in the United States. Horace Mann provides a hands-on, project based learning, individualized approach that is only possible with small class sizes and multiple teachers. Students of all ages make Horace Mann home, from our youngest kindergarten students to University practicum students.  Master teachers provide a unique learning environment for all students that include technology, innovative best practices, and exemplary educational experiences.  From measuring temperatures and creating data tables at our University Pond, learning about recycling at the on campus recycling center, roller skating and swimming lessons in Physical Education class, and multicultural education from student organizations on campus, Horace Mann provides the best educational experience for your child.

  • Low student-to-teacher ratio
  • Innovative and interactive teaching practices
  • Individualized Education
  • Technology integration
  • Rigorous, rich and varied curriculum focused on educating the whole child
  • Access to University programs and activities
  • Diverse population
  • Student leadership and service learning

Come and see for yourself what Horace Mann Laboratory School has to offer.  I welcome you and invite you to schedule a tour of our facilities.

The Horace Mann Laboratory School serves as a clinical teaching environment for students in Northwest's School of Education. Horace Mann is a learning community of children, families, master teachers, support staff, administrators , practicum students, graduate assistants, and faculty members. 

The Horace Mann logo includes a shield.  The shield design incorporates a rich history with current best practices to bring the best educational opportunity to our students. The shield is separated into three parts that represent parents, students, and practicum students, with Horace Mann making up the fourth section.

  • Parents are an integral part of Horace Mann. Involving parents in daily activities, field trips, lessons, evening programs and activities, and communicating school events.
  • Horace Mann students receive a one of a kind education where students can learn at their own pace, are engaged in the learning process, and are encouraged to develop to their full potential.
  • Practicum students have a hands-on learning experience where best practices and current strategies are in place.
  • And Horace Mann brings it all together and links them to create a learning environment where "A Higher Education Begins Here."

Horace Mann Laboratory School, 800 University Drive, Brown Hall 135, Maryville MO 64468