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Fall 2021 Dynamic Forms Cheat Sheet View PDF

Dynamic Forms

Beginning in the Fall 2021 semester, all assessments completed during student teaching will be done using the Dynamic Forms system. 

To login to dynamic forms

  • Teacher Candidates (as well and University Supervisors and Content Supervisors), will go to Bearcat Login
  • Users can scroll down to see the icon for the Dynamic Forms Dashboard. Click on that.
  • Then, please enter the same login credentials as you would use to enter Northwest Online.
  • Or, you can access any assessment in Dynamic Forms by clicking on a direct link that was provided to you.

If you have any issues with Dynamic Forms, please speak with your university supervisor. If they do not have the answer, please contact the student teaching help desk at:

MEES Artifacts Templates

Teacher candidates will need to complete the MEES Artifacts and upload them to Dynamic Forms. The MEES Artifacts are used to score the MEES summative evaluation by the university supervisor and cooperating teacher. Learn more about completing and uploading these forms »

Candidates will need to create a new MEES Artifact form in Dynamic Forms for each of the three artifacts. To do this, click on the link to the artifact form and click the "Complete New Form" link.

Miscellaneous Forms

Change Your Cooperating Teacher or Placement

If you have recently changed your cooperating teacher or your placement for any reason, please verify this change with the Student Teaching Helpdesk at