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Online Resources for Cooperating Teachers

Assessing Teacher Candidates with Dynamic Forms

  • Cooperating teachers will use the Dynamic Forms system to assess their teacher candidates.
  • Cooperating teachers will view all instructions and links to assessments through a Bearcat Information Sheet (BIS) that will be emailed to them.
  • If a cooperating teacher loses the BIS link, please contact our student teaching help desk for assistance:
  • To access Dynamic Forms, you will need to create a free account.
  • If you lose your login information, there is a “change password” option.
  • When you are assessing your teacher candidate using a dynamic form, your candidate will receive an email so they can review your results.
  • If you have an issue with Dynamic Forms, please speak with your university supervisor.  If they are unable to help, please contact our help desk at

Assessments Completed by Cooperating Teachers

Cooperating Teachers can assess Northwest Teacher Candidates with the following instructions:

Missouri Educator Evaluation System (MEES)

Cooperating Teacher Forms (12-16 week placement)

MEES Assessments: The observation assessment form and certification requirement used to determine how prepared each candidate is according to all nine DESE teacher standards.

  • Link will be emailed to all cooperating teachers.
    • Assessing the MEES summative form will require review of the candidate’s MEES Artifacts. Cooperating Teachers will receive a link to these artifacts from this email address:
  • Training (video)
  • Due Date, Spring 2023: Five formative versions should be completed, in general once every 2-3 weeks. The final summative assessment, a certification requirement, is due April 28, 2023.

Cooperating Teacher Forms (4 week placement)

Please be in contact with the Cooperating Teacher from the candidate’s 12 week placement so you can contribute to the MEES summative. You will not need to log a MEES form in the dynamic forms system or complete a hard copy version of the MEES form on your own.

Before completing the MEES summative form, be sure to review the candidate’s MEES artifacts. You will receive a link to these documents via email from

To view the MEES artifacts and help understand what is expected, you can use this link:

Disposition Assessment

Disposition Assessment: A measure of how professional each candidate is. All university supervisors are asked to complete the below assessment before the due date. Dispositions are assessed relatively early in the semester to identify issues quickly so steps can be taken to resolve them. If you supervise a candidate with a significant disposition issue, please contact Dr. Greg Rich at Link will be emailed to cooperating teachers.

Educator Improvement Plan (EIP)

This form is completed only if the candidate exhibits a significant issue during student teaching that may impact them, their students or the school negatively. The goal of the EIP is to develop a plan to give the student an opportunity to make corrections and successfully complete student teaching. This form is completed in collaboration with the university supervisor, the teacher candidate and the director of field experience. If you supervisor a student who may need an EIP, please contact Dr. Greg Rich

Cooperating Teacher Stipend

Cooperating teachers are paid for their services using the Cooperating Teacher Stipend Form View in Dynamic Form.

First-time Users: If this is the first time you are logging into a Dynamics Forms form, you will be asked to create a secure DF account before you can open the form.