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Teacher Work Sample Information

As a requirement for the Teacher Education Program, you must develop a Teacher Work Sample (TWS). This will help you document your ability to plan, deliver, and assess a standards-based instructional sequence while demonstrating your ability to reflect on the impact of your instruction on student learning. The student teacher is required to complete a Teacher Work Sample (TWS) and turn into your instructor.

Each TWS covers an instructional sequence comprised of at least five consecutive lessons focused on a concept or set of concepts that comprise a teaching unit. For your TWS, you will plan, deliver, and assess your instructional sequence and then complete an analytical report and reflection according to the guidelines provided in this document. An entire teaching unit is not required for submission provided all TWS elements are included.

Below are links to assist you with developing your TWS. You will notice the first link is the TWS Guidelines and Scoring Rubric. You will also find links to example Elements of Teacher Work Samples.

Teacher Work Sample: An Overview