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About Us

Mission Statement

Welcome to the School of Computer Science and Information Systems.  Our mission is to provide leadership and education impacting the direction of the information technology (IT) in our homes, businesses, educational institutions, industries and individuals in the United States and around the world.  Our highly qualified and collaborative faculty deliver curriculum that includes an appropriate mix of theory, practical applications and relevant educational experiences valued by industry allowing our students to reach their potential as future successful information technology leaders in a diverse and global society.

Northwest’s School of Computer Science and Information Systems is committed to the personal and social development of its students by providing opportunities for our students to develop their professional skills and interact with others in a successful, ethical way.  We are focused on providing students who will meet the needs of the local, regional and national IT workforce.  

School Facts

  • Approximately 700 students are currently enrolled.
  • Approximately 415 graduate students are currently enrolled in the M.S. in Applied Computer Science program.
  • Approximately 290 undergraduates are currently enrolled as Computer Science/Information Systems majors.
  • The School offers a variety of technology related minors 
  • 45 students graduated from the program in the past year.
  • Northwest's average class size is 27.
  • Northwest's student to faculty ratio is 20 to 1.
  • The School is located in the Colden Hall building.

Computing Facilities

Every student at Northwest is provided with a laptop.  This standard configuration, along with the ability to install other specialized software, programming languages, databases and more, allow faculty to utilize a wide variety of tools to enhance the learning of each student.

Additionally, Computer Science, Business Technology and Management Information Systems students also have access to specialized computer laboratories housed in the Colden Hall Computing Complex.

Graduate and Undergraduate Research

Along with the graduate research projects, Northwest is proud of its undergraduate research program because at most colleges and universities, research opportunities are reserved for graduate students. Recent research projects have involved computer networks, web page design and parallel programming.