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Faculty and Staff Directory

Name Phone Email Specialization
Bob Bergland 660.562.1361 rbergland Mass Media
Adam Bochart 660.562.1824 abochart Mass Media
Steven Chappell 660.562.1365 stevenc Mass Media
Dr. Joy Daggs 660.562.1439 jdaggs Communication
Dr. Bayo Joachim 660.562.1510 ayo Communication
Dr. John Katsion 660.562.1286 johnkat Communication
Alex Kirt 660.562.1361 akirt Mass Media
Fred Lamer 660.562.1617 lamer Mass Media
Jacquie Lamer 660.562.1618 jplamer Mass Media
Marla McCrary 660.562.1361 marlam Office Manager
William Murphy 660.562.1469 wmurphy Television and Video Engineer
Jason Offutt 660.562.1391 soffutt Mass Media
Brenda Rourke 660.562.1361 brourke Communication
Dr. David Shadinger 660.562.1048 dashad Communication
Brian Swafford 660.562.1506 swaff Communication, Forensics
Dr. Matt Walker 660.562.1173 matt Communication
Lori Zech 660.562.1826 ldurbin Communication