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Alumni Awards Selection Process

Northwest Alumni Association Awards Selection Process

The Northwest Alumni Association solicits nominations for the awards from all members of the University community. A committee of elected members of the Alumni Board of Directors reviews the materials submitted on each candidate and selects the top three candidates for each category for which they have been nominated. This is a blind selection process.

The top three candidates are presented to the full Alumni Board of Directors for review and selection.

If a current Alumni Board of Director submits a nomination, they are not eligible to serve on the selection committee.

Final approval is made by University administration. 


To be eligible for nomination, candidates must meet the following requirements:

Submitting Your Nomination

When submitting a nomination, follow these guidelines:

  1. Read the awards criteria, eligibility requirements and Scoring Matrix and Sample Expections for each award before making your recommendations. A candidate may be nominated for more than one award category, and the selection committee reserves the right to grant an award for which the candidate has not been nominated but meets the criteria for that award. 
  2. Check the list of past award winners to make sure your candidate has not already won an award in the category you are nominating him or her for.
  3. Complete and submit the official nomination form. (All nomination category’s MUST be complete to be considered). See examples below
  4. Submit at least two letters of recommendation to support your nominee.
  5. Only information provided on the nomination form and all letters of recommendation will be reviewed for selection.  
  6. All submitted nominations, deliberations are kept confidential.

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