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Kate Caniglia

Kate Caniglia




Joined Northwest in 2023

Recruitment Coordinator

Recruits in Nebraska

About Kate

My hometown is Omaha, Nebraska, and I graduated from Northwest with my Bachelor’s in Elementary and Special Education. I am a second-generation Bearcat, as my mom graduated from Northwest with her Bachelor's in psychology. Growing up, I always wanted to attend college at Northwest. While on campus, I was involved in multiple student organizations and fell in love with the city of Maryville. I am pursuing my master's in education here at Northwest, and I am excited to meet with future bearcats and share what it means to be a Bearcat! 

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Recruitment Territory

Nebraska, Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia, Washington D.C, West Virginia

Upcoming Events

Date School Name Time
9/11/23 Millard South 9;15AM
9/11/23 Gretna High School 3:15AM
9/11/23 Elkhorn High School 6:00PM
9/12/23 Millard North 9:00AM
9/12/23 Elkhorn High 10:20AM
9/12/23 Blair High School 12:00PM
9/13/23 Creighton Prep 8:30AM
9/13/23 Papillion La Vista Visit 1:00PM
9/14/23 Bennignton High School 9:00AM
9/14/23 Concordia High School 12:20PM
9/18/23 Peru Area College Fair 9:00AM
9/18/23 Falls City College Fair/ Apply2College 1:00PM
9/19/23 Beatrice Area College Fair 8:00AM
9/19/23 York College Fair 1:00PM
9/19/23 Gretna Area College Fair 5:00PM
9/20/23 Norfolk Area College Fair 8:30AM
9/20/23 Columbus Area College Fair 1:00PM
9/21/23 Westview High School Visit 9:15AM
9/25/23 Omaha South College Fair 8:30AM
9/25/23 Buena Vista College Fair 12:00PM
9/26/23 Omaha North College Fair 9:00AM
9/26/23 Burke College Fair 1:00PM
9/26/23 Omaha Area Fair 5:00PM
9/27/23 Bryan College Fair 8:30AM
9/28/23 Central College Fair 8:00AM
9/28/23 Omaha Northwest Fair 10:00AM
9/29/23 Omaha North Fair 1:00PM
9/29/23 Southeast College Fair 9:00AM
10/2/23 Southwest College Fair 1:00PM
10/2/23 Seward Fasfa Night 6:45PM
10/2/23 Northstar College Fair 8:00AM
10/3/23 Pius X Visit 10:30AM
10/3/23 Northeast College Fair 12:30PM
10/4/23 Lincoln Area College Fair 8:00AM
10/4/23 Lincoln High College Fair 10:00AM
10/4/23 Milford College Fair 6:00PM
10/5/23 Lincoln East College Fair 9:00AM
10/5/23 Lincoln Northwest College Fair 1:00PM
10/9/23 Grand Island College Fair 8:00AM
10/9/23 Grand Island Northwest College Fair 1:00PM
10/10/23 Hastings College Fair 9:00AM
10/11/23 Kearny Area College Fair 8:30AM
10/12/23 Auburn Visit 12:40PM
10/16/23 Burke High Visit 9:14AM
10/16/23 Skutt Catholic Visit 10:40AM
10/16/23 Gross Catholic Visit 1:00PM
10/17/23 Bellevue Area College Fair 8:30AM
10/17/23 Platteview Visit 11:45AM
10/18/23 Lincoln East Visit 8:15AM
10/18/23 Lincoln High Visit 10:00AM
10/18/23 Lincoln Southwest Visit 1:45PM
10/19/23 Gross Catholic College Fair 8:30AM
10/19/23 Bellevue East Visit 10:30AM
10/19/23 Plattsmouth Visit 1:00PM
10/23/23 York High School Visit 12:57PM
10/24/23 Seward Visit 3:10PM
10/25/23 Lincoln North Star Visit 10:50AM
10/26/23 Papillion La Visita College Fair 8:30AM
10/26/23 Papillion South College 12:30PM
11/8/23 Norris High School Mini Faie 10:00AM