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Printers & Copiers

Printers & Copiers

Northwest provides networked printers and copiers in all relevant campus buildings, including at residence hall front desks.

You, Northwest Technology & Printing

  • Personal printers are allowed but not necessary at Northwest.
    • The vast majority of assignments and exams are submitted electronically and thus, are paperless.
  • University networked printers are available almost everywhere on campus such as the front desks of each residence hall and in public spaces like B.D. Owens Library and the Station.
    • Printing to a University networked printer does not require payment at time of printing.
    • Users who print to a campus networked printer on the PERI print server are auto-billed by their login credentials for the size of their print job.
      • Black and white printing is 10 cents per page.
      • Color printing is 25 cents per page.
      • Your specific printing charges will appear on your University bill the next business day.
  • Personal printers are allowed only on the Northwest wired network.

Connecting your residence hall networked printer with your University provided laptop computer is simple and won't take up much of your time.  Printing to a campus printer is currently 10 cents per black and white page and will be auto-billed to your individual university account.

To install your residence hall printer to your campus-issued laptop computer, follow these steps:

  • Turn on your laptop computer and login with your Northwest Network Account username and password.
  • Click Start.
  • In the Windows Search box, enter \\PERI and press Enter.  
    • Other print servers are available to faculty and staff (NOID & PETE).
  • In the window that will come up, double-click on the icon for the specific printer to be installed.
  • Once the printer has been installed, a print queue window will open. Once that window has opened, you can close it and all previous windows that were opened to install the printer.

The printer will now be installed on your computer in the Devices and Printers folder, which you can access by clicking on Devices and Printers on the Start menu.

Basic Set-Up for Non-University Laptop to Campus Networked Printer

  • Open Devices and Printers using any of these methods:
  1. Windows 10: Type Device and Printers into the Search textbox and press Enter, then click on the Devices and Printers menu item.
  2. Windows 10 hotkey combination: Press the Windows symbol key and the R key at the same time, the Run window will appear,  type control printers in the textbox, click OK or press Enter, and the Devices and Printers window open.
  • Click Add a printer.
  • Click Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer.
  • Click on the link:  The printer that I want isn't listed.


Connecting Your Mac to a Northwest Networked Printer

FIRST STEP - Make sure to download the Appropriate Driver

  • You will need to download the appropriate print driver if you want to connect to a campus printer
    • For purposes of these instructions, you will need to install a Northwest networked printer and not a personally-purchased one.
    • If you are installing a different printer (such as a Lexmark T640, T650 or a Xerox Copier) you will have to download that specific driver from the manufacturer’s website.
  • Go to
  • Enter your printer type in the For support select or enter your product in the textbox. Example: Lexmark T650
  • Click Go.
  • Click the link provided for your printer, which usually appears beneath a picture of the printer in question, and a window specific to your printer type will open.
  • Click the Downloads tab.
  • Select an Operating System by clicking on the black arrow and choosing Macintosh in the dropdown menu.
  • Next, select your Macintosh version in the Please Select Version drop-down menu. ExampleMac OS X 10.8 or Mac OS X 10.x.x. (this example may not be your version, so be sure you have your correct version)
  • Do not use just any version! Use your specific version (like 10.7 or 10.6)
    • If you don’t know the version you have click the Apple icon in the very upper top left corner of your screen on your computer (NOT in the browser window) and then click about this mac and you will see the version you are using.
  • Next, click the middle filter button on the right and you should see your particular version of MAC OS.
  • Once your have selected your particular version, click the link for the printer driver that deals with your version.
  • Click the link for your recommended driver. ExamplePrinter Driver for 10.6.8 and later Mac OS  (this example may not be your version, so be sure you have your correct version)
  • A pop-up window will appear, scroll down and click Download.

SECOND STEP - Install the Driver

  • Once the download finishes, close your browser and click the Downloads icon.
  • Open the downloaded .dmg file.
  • Double click the .mpkg file and follow the on screen instructions to install the driver.

THIRD STEP - Install the Printer

  • Open System preferences and choose the Print & Scan menu
    • Make sure the lock is unlocked at the bottom left corner of the window
    • If it is locked, click the lock and type in the administrator password to unlock it.
  • Click the “+” button on the left and if prompted select add other printer or scanner.
  • At the top of the screen control click the defaulticon and select customize toolbar…
  • Click and drag the advanced icon above to the toolbar and click Done.
  • Click advanced.
    • You may have to wait a minute for it to load
  • Under the type dropdown menu choose Windowsprinter via spools
    • Ignore the Device dropdown menu.
  • Click in the URL (Address) textbox.
  • To connect to the Peri print server type: smb:// name
  • Example: smb://
    • 64_CHHallP is a printer located in Colden Hall.  Be sure to add the correct printer from Peri that you want to actually print to and not just add the example provided.
  • To connect to the Noid print server (faculty/staff only) type: smb:// name
    • Examplesmb://
      • FA101C is a printer located in Fine Arts.  Be sure to add the correct printer from Noid that you want to actually print to and not just add the example provided.
  • In the driver selection menu, select Printer Software.
  • Search list for the Lexmark printer you need and then add the appropriate printer.

Installation should now be complete and the printer should be available for your use.  If not, retry the steps to make sure you didn't overlook a step or download the wrong driver.

Installing a Network Xerox for Copying & Printing - Faculty & Staff Only

Windows Instructions:

  • Login to your computer with your Northwest network username and password.
  • In the Windows Search box, type \\Pete and press Enter.  (Use the backslash ( ) above the Enter key.)
  • In the window that appears, double-click on the icon for the XeroxFollowMe to be installed.

Xerox Installation

  • Installation will take a few minutes.
  • Once the copier has been installed, a print queue window will open.

Xerox Printing

  • To make this copier/printer your default, click Printer at top of print queue window and then click Set as default printer.
  • If you need to further customize the default, click Printer and then click Printing Preferences.
  • To access the print queue window, type Devices and Printers in the search box.  Then, double-click the printer icon.
  • You will need to set-up your account on the Xerox Copier with your Bearcat ID to finish the set-up process.
  • After that you will be able to print to the Xerox Copier.

MAC Instructions:

Download the macOS Common Print Driver Installer by going to the following Xerox web page

  • Click “macOS Common Print Driver Installer”.
  • Click Accept on the next page to start the download.
  • Double Click the .dmg file and then double-click on the .pkg file to run the installer.
  • Click through the installer and at the end when it tries to add a printer, click Continue without selecting a printer.
  • Click Continue a second time to finish the installer

Note:  If you need assistance with your MAC and the Xerox printer, please call the Information Technology (IT) Help Desk at 660.562.1634.

Adding a Xerox is very similar to adding a networked printer on campus.  Follow these instructions to successfully add the Xerox machine: 

  • Go to System Preferences.
  • Click on Printers & Scanners.
  • Click the + and select Add Printer.
  • Click Advanced.
    • If you don’t see Advanced right-click/two-finger click the tool bar and select customize toolbar from the drop down menu.  Next, drag the Advanced icon to the toolbar.
  • Key in or select the following information:
    • Type:  Windows printer via spools
    • URL: smb://
    • Name: XeroxFollowMe
    • Use: Select Xerox AltaLink C8045


  • Click Add.
    • All Xerox machines have the following:
      • Paper Trays:  5
      • Feeder: Installed
      • Finisher: Office Finsher LX

Install Paper Cut Client:


  • Click the Finder icon PaperCut.jpg  in the Dock
  • On the Menu Bar, choose Go > Connect to Server
  • In the url bar type: SMB://pete
  • Click Connect
  • Change the name to your Northwest username, type your password and click connect.
  • Have PCClient highlighted and click OK
  • Select PCClient
  • Open the Mac folder
  • Copy to the Applications folder
  • Open the Paper Cut client by double clicking

When the application is running, there will be an PaperCut2.jpg  icon on the menu bar when the Paper Cut Client is running.

Every time you logout or reboot your mac you will need to make sure Paper Cut Client is running before you print to the copiers, otherwise the print jobs will not be sent to the printer

The following sections give directions on how to install the university networked printers.  The sections are based on device operating system and ownership.  All directions require that the device is on campus and connected to the NWMSU_Secure Wi-Fi or the wired network.

University Provided Windows Laptop or Desktop

  1. Click Start (Windows icon in the lower left corner).
  2. In the Windows Search box, type \\peri and press Enter.
  3. In the window that opens, double-click on the icon for the printer you want to install.
    • Most printers available for student printing have a placard on the front or nearby with the name of the printer.
    • Print queues are commonly named by building and room location of the printer.
  4. Once the printer has been installed, a print queue window will open.  Once the print queue window opens, you can close it and all previous windows that were opened to install the printer.

Personally Owned Windows Laptop or Desktop


Apple iOS Computer (Mac)

  1.  Open a web browser and go to http://peri:9163/setup.
  2. Click the green Download button.
  3. Click Allow if asked to allow downloads.
  4. Open the downloads folder.
  5. Double-click the downloaded file.
    • The file should be named pc-mobility-print-printer-setup-x.x.xx[peri].dmg.
  6. Double-click PaperCut Mobility Print Client.pkg.
  7. In the Installer window, click Continue.
  8. Click Continue.
  9. Click Agree.
  10. Click Install.
  11. Enter the password for your device.
  12. Click Install Software.
  13. Once you see a green checkmark and the phrase The installation was successful, click Close.
  14. If prompted, click Move to Trash.
  15. Close all windows that were opened to install the print queue.

Retrieving Printouts from a Xerox Printer/Copier

  1.  Use 1 of the following options to log into the Xerox.
    • Swipe your Bearcat ID card.
    • Select the keyboard icon on the screen.  Enter your Northwest Network Account username and password.
  2. Select Print Release.
  3. Select the print job(s) you want to print or the select all option.
  4. Select Print.

The Northwest Technology Service Center does not support or repair personal printers and wireless printers are not allowed to connected to Northwest WiFi. Please use your personal printer on the wired network only and disable wireless entirely if that is an option.

  • If you need to print and cannot install your personally-purchased printer, please connect to a Northwest networked printer for your printing needs. Installing a Northwest networked printer is easy and fast.

Basic Set-up for Non-University PC to a Personally-owned Printer

  • Printer set-up instructions may vary depending on operating system and model of printer.
  • Follow the printer set-up instructions provided with your personal printer.

Connect the printer to your computer following the manufacturer's instructions. Microsoft
Windows will attempt to automatically install the printer. If Windows can't automatically
install it, or if you've previously removed the printer and want to add it again, please follow
these directions:

  • Go to the Control Panel
  • Go to Devices and Printers
  • Click the Add a printer option in the printing wizard
  • Select Add a local printer
  • On the Choose a printer port page, select Use an existing port
  • Choose the recommended printer port. Example: LPT1: (Printer Port)
  • Click Next
  • On the install the printer driver page, select the printer manufacturer and model
  • Click Next and proceed as directed.

If your printer is not listed but you have the manufacturer's installation CD or download details, refer to the manufacturer's instructions. You can also typically download the driver from you printer manufacturer’s web site.

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