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Northwest Missouri State University

Posting Policies

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Posting Policy

Posting Locations     Posting Policy Agreement


  1. Bulletin boards on the Northwest campus are governed by several entities.  Each bulletin board is labeled by the office or organization that maintains it.
  2. Boards labeled “University Posting” are governed by the Student Affairs Division.
  3. The Residential Life Office has jurisdiction over the posting in residence halls.
  4. Department and organization boards are under the jurisdiction of the department or organization that owns them.
  5. The personal notice board is monitored by the Student Affairs Office to assure that only personal notices and advertisements are posted there.  However, approval is not needed to post on the personal notice boards.
  6. Posters shall not be permitted to be hung on walls or doors.
  7. Flyers and/or posters are not to be placed on vehicle windshields on campus. 


  1. All posters to be hung on University bulletin boards must first be approved (signed, stamped, and dated) by the Office of Campus Activities.
  2. Electronic approval can be obtained by submitting (NOT in pdf or jpg format!) to
  3. All posters to be hung in the residence halls must carry the printed approval of Campus Activities and adhere to the University Posting Policy. Once approved, these will be placed in Hall Director’s mailboxes, NOT distributed by the organization wishing to post. (A list of halls and #’s is available in Campus Activities).
  4. All posters to be hung on department or organizational bulletin boards must be approved by the entity that maintains them. 


  1. No posting on doors, walls, or windows.
  2. Posters must specify the recognized student organization or Northwest office sponsoring the event
  3. Nonprofit organizations, off-campus organization, local business, and Northwest committees may be allowed to hang posters with the prior approval from Campus Activities.  These posters may be hung on the designated boards. 
  4. Posters must be removed within two days of the advertised event occurs.
  5. Posters may be no larger than 14 ½ by 22 ½ inches. 
  6. No inappropriate content including, but not limited to, pornography, obscenities, pictures of alcoholic containers or labels and association to the dispensing of alcohol and/or illegal substances shall be referred to on the poster.  No libelous or defamatory references shall be made in the posting.  Mention of the venue is permitted as long as the primary focus of the event is not the consumption of alcohol.
  7. Posters not in English should include English translation.  Exceptions may be made for phrases that are common knowledge.
  8. There may be only one poster hanging on each University posting bulletin board for each event being advertised.
  9. All copies of poster must have the Campus Activities stamp on them.  Special arrangements for professionally made posters must be made in advance with the Campus Activities Office.
  10. Approved posters may no be removed or covered by other organizations’ posters.
  11. Posters may be up no longer than four weeks total.


  1. Reports of violations may be submitted to the Office of Campus Activities.
  2. For minor violations such as failure to remove expired poster, covering or removing another poster, or hanging more than one poster per bulletin boar, the following sanctions will be imposed.
    1. The first offense each academic year shall result in a written warning directed to the president of the organization or the department head.
    2. Each subsequent offence shall result in the loss of posting privileges for fifteen (15) weeks, excluding Northwest holidays, beginning on the date the violation was submitted.
  3. For major violations such as forgery of approval or posting an unapproved poster, the following sanctions may be imposed:
    1. Revocation of posting privileges for up to one academic year from date of the decision.
    2. A monetary fine of up to $25
    3. In extraordinary cases, the charges and evidence may be turned over to local or state authorities. 

Sidewalk Chalking Application Procedure/Policies

  1. Organizations must be registered with and recognized by Student Senate to chalk.
  2. A recognized organization that wishes to perform sidewalk chalking must submit a Sidewalk Chalking Application. Please print this form, complete it, and return to the Office of Campus Activities on the 2nd floor of the J.W. Jones Student Union.
  3. Applications must be received by the Office of Campus Activities at least one week in advance of the planned chalking.
  4. Upon submitting the Sidewalk Chalking Application, the organization will receive a limited supply of sidewalk chalk (while supplies last).
  5. Individuals submitting applications must submit either their organization’s Northwest ID#, or provide their own student ID# and sign the form, agreeing to these terms.
  6. Chalking may only be done on sidewalks and with non-permanent chalk.
  7. No inappropriate content (including, but not limited to pornography, obscenities, association to the dispensing of alcohol, and/or illegal substances) shall be made in the chalking.
  8. No libelous or discriminatory references shall be made in the chalking.
  9. Northwest Missouri State University’s policy is to allow up to two recognized organizations to post during the same period, not to exceed 2 weeks (Sun-Sat).
  10. Organizations are asked to rank preference of locations for chalking on the application.  If a second organization signs up for the same time period, the OCA will notify both organizations which locations they are allowed to chalk.
  11. Chalkings must be cleaned with soap and water within 2 days after the chalking end-date, or the ID# provided on the application will be charged a $10 fee per location.

Student Union Banner Policy

Banners may be hung on the exterior of the J.W. Jones Student Union only with prior written approval from the Student Affairs Office.


  1. Only banners promoting Northwest campus-wide events that everyone is invited to attend and is taking place on campus and organized by a campus organization or office will be approved
  2. Requests are approved on a first-come first-approved basis.
  3. A Banner Approval Request Form must be completed which will include a sketch or photograph of the banner. The Banner Approval Request Form must be submitted no later than 5 business days before the banner is requested to be hung. The exceptions are Homecoming or Greek Week banners. These banners are approved and hung by the Office of Campus Activities.
  4. Banners not in English should include English translation. Exceptions may be made for phrases that are of common knowledge.
  5. The banner must specify the recognized student organization or Northwest office sponsoring or co-sponsoring the event.
  6. Once approved, banners may be dropped off at the Student Affairs office to be hung. Banners will be hung by the Union staff only.
  7. Banners may be hung on the building no more than 7 days. Banners may be removed in less time if space is needed.  Damaged banners and/or banners that are hung on the building without approval will be removed. Banners will be taken down the day after the event. Banners may be picked up at the time, any banner not picked up after 1 week will be discarded.
  8. There are 24 spaces to hang banners. Each space is 105" (8'9") wide by 117"(9'9")tall. In order to hang a banner it must be smaller than these dimensions.
  9. Banners must include grommets at all four corners to be attached to the building. The exception is if the banners are using a wood 2"x2" or 1"x4" at the top, then there should be holes drilled through the wood or screw-in eyelets, to attach rope or bungee cords. Below is a diagram of a sample banner.
  10. Bungee cords will be provided for the banners that are a minimum of 6'x7' smaller banners must have ropes attached (see diagram below).
  11. The Sign Shop (ext. 1844) on campus is available to make professional banners. Please call as soon as possible to place your order and receive a price quote.


  1. Violations of the Banner Policy will be handled according to University Posting Policies.