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Northwest Missouri State University

Faculty and Staff Directory




Main Office
Dr. Mark Corson, Chair 660.562.1672 mcorson
Ms. Michelle Allen, Lab Technician 660.562.1388 mallen
Ms. Lisa Crater, Office Manager 660.562.1388 crater
Ms. Julie Johnson, Academic Advisor 660.562.0836 jbest
Dr. Redempta Kegode, Chemical Safety Manager 660.562.1215 rkegode
Ms. Teresa Gustafson, Development Officer Northwest Foundation 660.541.1478 teresa
Biology Specialization
Dr. Peter Adam 660.562.1256 padam
Ms. Kelsey Bowlin 660.562.1604 kbowlin
Dr. Alisha Campbell 660.562.1539 agcamp
Dr. James Campbell 660.562.1196 jhcamp
Dr. Gregg Dieringer 660.562.1814 greggd
Dr. Kurt Haberyan 660.562.1568 khaber
Dr. L. Rex McAliley 660.562.1175 rexmcal
Dr. Jay McGhee 660.562.1416 jmcghee
Dr. Karen Schaffer 660.562.1815 kls
Dr. Kathleen Spears 660.562.1388 kspears
Ms. Lisa Stobbe 660.562.1497 lstobbe
Dr. Gretchen Thornsberry 660.562.0827 gthorns
Dr. Jeffry Thornsberry 660.562.1812 jthorns
Chemistry Specialization
Dr. Michael Bellamy 660.562.1513 bellamy
Dr. Rafiq Islam 660.562.1210 islamr
Dr. Ahmed Malkawi 660.562.1196 amalkaw
Dr. Mohammed Meziani 660.562.0828 meziani
Dr. Shelley Riley 660.562.1605 sriley
Dr. Kory Stiffler 660.562.1636 korys
Dr. Rick Toomey 660.562.1207 toomey
Ms. Patricia Warner 660.562.1753 tishwar
Geology Specialization
Mr. Jeff Bradley 660.562.1818 jbradle
Dr. Arghya Goswami 660.562.1719 goswami
Dr. Nivanthi Mihindukulasooriya 660.562.1817 mihindu
Dr. John Pope 660.562.1211 jppope
Physics Specialization
Dr. Himadri Chakraborty 660.562.1715 himadri
Dr. David Richardson 660.562.1447 drichar
Science Education Specialization
Ms. Rena Smith 660.562.1509 srsmith
Ms. Angela Bickford 660.562.1939 abickfo
Dr. Leticia Cabrera 660.562.1388 cabrera
Dr. Ruma De 660.562.1454 ruma
Dr. Abdul Mottaleb 660.562.0820 mmottal
Ms. Diana Pope 660.562.1525 dpope
Dr. Chris Riley 660.562.1388