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Northwest Missouri State University

Dr. James Campbell

Dr. James Campbell



1422 CI


660.562.1188 (fax)

Joined Northwest in 2013

Assistant Professor


  • Ph.D.   Biology - Texas Tech University
  • MS       Biology - Angelo State University
  • BS        Biology - Angelo State University

Courses Taught

  • General Microbiology
  • Molecular Biology
  • Principles of Biology Lab
  • Biology Seminar
  • Problems in Cellular, Molecular and Microbial Biology
  • Internships

Academic Interest

  • Molecular Microbial Ecology
  • General Microbiology
  • Oral microbiology
  • Soil microbiology
  • Microbiome studies
  • Microbiology of rare, uncultivated bacterial lineages

Scholarly Activity

  • Beattie, R., W. Henke, C. Davis, M. Mottaleb, J. Campbell, R. McAliley. Quantitative analysis of the extent of heavy-metal contamination in soils near Picher, Oklahoma, within the Tar Creek Superfund Site. Chemosphere 172:89-95.
  • Smith, M., A. Rocha, C. Smillie, S. Oleson, C. Paradis, L. Wu, J. Campbell, J. Fortney, T. Mehlhorn, K. Lowe, J. Earles, J. Phillips, S. Techtmann, D. Joyner, D. Elias, K. Bailey, R. Hurt, S. Preheim, M. Sanders, J. Yang, M. Mueller, S. Brooks, D. Watson, P. Zhang, Z. He, E. Dubinsky, P. Adams, A. Arkin, M. Fields, J. Zhou, E. Alm, T. Hazen. Natural bacterial communities serve as quantitative geochemical biosensors. mBio 6:e00326-15.
  • Campbell, J., J. Zak, R. Jeter and R. Strauss. 2013. Environmental effects on distributions of culturable soil oligotrophic bacteria along an elevational gradient in the Chihuahuan Desert. Journal of Arid Environments 99:41-50.
  • Shakya, M., C. Quince, J. Campbell, Z. Yang, C. Schadt and M. Podar. 2013. Comparative metagenomic and rRNA microbial diversity characterization using Archaeal and Bacterial synthetic communities. Environmental Microbiology 15:1882-1899.
  • Campbell, J.*, P. O'Donoghue*, A. Campbell, P. Schwientek, A. Sczyrba, T. Woyke, D. Söll and M. Podar. 2013. UGA is an additional glycine codon in uncultured SR1 bacteria from the human microbiota. Proceedings of the National Academy of Science of the USA 110:554-5545.  Equal contribution of co-authors.  * Equal contribution of co-authors.
  • Campbell, A., J. Campbell, S. Allman, T. Woyke, A. Sczyrba, C. Beall, A. Griffen, E. Leys and M. Podar. 2013. Multiple single-cell genomes provide insight into functions of uncultured Deltaproteobacteria in the human oral cavity. PLoS ONE 8:e59361.
  • Campbell, J., C. Foster, T. Vishnivetskaya, A. Campbell, Z. Yang, A. Wymore, A. Palumbo, E. Chesler and M. Podar.  2012.  Host genetic and environmental effects on mouse intestinal microbiota.  ISME Journal 6:2033-2044.
  • Griffen, A.*, C. Beall*, J. Campbell*, N. Firestone, P. Kumar, Z. Yang, M. Podar and E. Leys.  2012.  Distinct and complex bacterial profiles in human periodontitis and health revealed by 16S pyrosequencing.  ISME Journal 6:1176-1185.  Equal contribution of co-authors.  * Equal contribution of co-authors.
  • Mosher, J., T. Phelps, M. Drake, Z. Yang, J. Campbell, J. Moberly, C. Schadt, M. Podar, S. Brown, T. Hazen, A. P. Arkin, A. Palumbo, B. Faybishenko and D. Elias.  2012.  Microbial community succession during lactate amendment and electron-acceptor limitation reveals a predominance of metal-reducing Pelosinus spp.  Applied and Environmental Microbiology 78:2082-2091.
  • Gihring, T., G. Zhang, C. Brandt, S. Brooks, J. Campbell, S. Carroll, C. Criddle, S. Green, P. Jardine, J. Kostka, K. Lowe, T. Mehlhorn, W. Overholt, D. Watson, Z. Yang, W.-M. Wu and C. Schadt.  2011.  A limited microbial consortium is responsible for extended bioreduction of uranium in a contaminated aquifer.  Applied and Environmental Microbiology 77:5955-5965.
  • G. Flores, J. Campbell, J. Kirshtein, J. Meneghin, M. Podar, J. Steinberg, J. Seewald, M. Tivey, M. Voytek, Z. Yang and A.-L. Reysenbach.  2011.  Microbial community structure of hydrothermal deposits from geochemically different vent fields along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.  Environmental Microbiology 13:1-14.
  • Campbell, J., J. Clark and J. Zak.  2009.  PCR-DGGE comparison of bacterial community structure in fresh and archived soils sampled along a Chihuahuan Desert elevational gradient.  Microbial Ecology 57:261-266.
  • Clark, J., J. Campbell, H. Grizzle, V. Acosta-Martìnez and J. Zak.  2009.  Soil microbial community response to precipitation variability in the Chihuahuan Desert.  Microbial Ecology 57:248-260.
  • Campbell, J. and J. McCoy. 2002. Mitochondrial DNA analysis of gene flow among six populations of collared lizards (Crotaphytus collaris) in west central Texas. Texas Journal of Science 54:151-162.

Other Professional Experiences

  • Postdoctoral Research Associate at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (2009-2013)
  • Molecular Microbiologist for commercial indoor air quality laboratory (2006-2008)
  • Member of American Association for the Advancement of Science
  • Member of American Society for Microbiology
  • Member of Texas Academy of Science
  • Member of Missouri Academy of Science (Chair of Biology Section)