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Northwest Missouri State University

Frequently Asked Questions

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About Student Employment

How will I benefit from student employment at Northwest Missouri State?

Student employment provides students with valuable work experiences, networking opportunities with the campus and community, opportunities to expand future career choices, and much more.

Who is eligible for Student Employment?

Any student who is enrolled in at least six credit hours a trimester and is eligible for employment in the United States may apply for student employment. Financial need is not a factor of student employment eligibility.

Must I work if I have a Work Study Award?

In order for you to receive your award amount, you must have a job on campus. Federal Work Study is paid to a student monthly based on the number of hours worked each month.

Will my Federal Work Study Award be applied directly to my account?

No, you receive the earnings in the form of a monthly paycheck and may utilize the funds as you wish. It will only be applied toward your account if you apply it directly.

What is the benefit of the Federal Work Study Award?

Earnings received in Federal Work Study do not have to be applied towards the calculation for determining financial assistance eligibility the next time a student applies for aid.

Since I have Federal Work-Study will I be guaranteed a job?

No, you are not guaranteed a job. You must apply for a student employment position directly with the department that has a position vacancy posted.

Can International students work on-campus?

Yes, international students with an F-1 visa may work on-campus and would follow the same process as a US citizen, to apply for a job.

How many students work on campus?

There are 850 to 1000 students paid each month during the fall and spring trimesters and 250 to 300 during the summer.

What types of jobs are available?

Students work in nearly every department on campus. Approximately one-third of the positions on campus are Office Assistant positions in various departments. Other types of positions available are Library Assistants, Carpenters, Farm Assistants, Tutors, Piano Accompanists, Lab Assistants, Research Assistants, Grounds Assistants, Custodians and Computer Lab Consultants, among many others.

How do I find a job?

  • Jobs are posted on the Student Employment Web Page as the positions become available.
  • Students are encouraged to check at least one time each week for new positions.
  • Postings are available for a minimum of three days.
  • Postings will include a description of the job, qualifications required, hours available and the name and contact information of the supervisor.
  • Students contact supervisors directly to apply for the position.

Are there employment opportunities other than those with the Northwest Student Employment Program?

Yes, there are non-university opportunities that are posted on the website. These are positions that are within the community but not affiliated with Northwest. There are also positions available with Campus Dining and the Bearcat Bookstore on campus.

When is the best time to start looking for a job?

The best time to look for a fall position is the end of June right after SOAR. Jobs will still be posted throughout the entire year. If you are seeking employment for the spring trimester, you can begin searching for a position any time in the fall trimester.

Where can I obtain assistance on my resume?

The Career Services Office is an excellent resource and will be more than willing to assist you with your resume and interviewing skills. They are located in the Administration Building office 130.

What do I do if I am offered a job?

Once you are hired for a student employment position, you must fill out the appropriate employment papers, W-4, I-9 and FERPA Statement, in the Student Employment Office. You will need to bring proper identification and employment authorization documents to complete the paperwork. You can check with your supervisor to determine what documents you will need to bring with you or refer to the on-line Orientation Part I for additional information.

How many hours can I work?

You can work up to 20 hours a week during the trimester and 40 hours a week during academic breaks. During the summer you can work 20 hours during the block(s) you are enrolled in a class and 40 hours during the block(s) you are not enrolled. (In order to qualify for summer student employment you must be enrolled in at least six credit hours sometime throughout the summer.)

How many on-campus jobs are allowed per student?

There is no limit on the number of positions a student can work, however, a student may not exceed a total of 20 work hours a week.

How much money will I earn?

Most positions pay the state minimum wage, currently $7.65 per hour. Other positions pay $7.75, $8.05 or $8.55 per hour. The job posting will indicate the wage rate. Students receive earnings monthly, one month after the hours are earned.

When is pay day?

Pay day for student employees is the 25th of every month. When the 25th of the month is on a holiday or weekend pay day is the first business day prior to the 25th of the month. All student employees have the option of direct deposit or AccelaPay card.

Where is the Student Employment Office?

The Student Employment Office is located in the Human Resources Office, Administration Building 125.