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Missouri Hope

10-14 October 2024

What is Missouri Hope?

The Missouri Hope Disaster Response Field Training Exercise is a rigorous three-day program that’s mandatory for students studying emergency disaster management. This training is designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to respond effectively to domestic disaster situations. 

Where does it take place?

Students receive practical training at Mozingo Outdoor Education Recreation Area (MOERA) and Mozingo Youth Camp to hone their skills and become experts in their field. Upon completion of the program, they are equipped to handle any domestic disaster situation with confidence.

Who can participate?

Northwest students, regardless of major or minor, can participate in hands-on disaster response training. Academic credit is optional. 

Volunteers are also welcome to participate as "actors" and immerse themselves in the scenarios. 

Why should you do it?

The domestic disaster response exercise challenges students to overcome their fears and hone their skills as emergency responders. Students work together in teams faced with mass casualty situations, high-angle rescues and water rescue operations.

Who helps it run?

Missouri Hope is a program that is sponsored by Northwest’s Emergency and Disaster Management Program and the Consortium for Humanitarian Service and Education. 

How the program got its start

Due to an increased need for trained professionals in the crisis response field, Northwest launched its unique EDM program in 2009 as an interdisciplinary minor. The program expanded to be offered as an academic major in 2012. Course instruction is provided by Northwest faculty and staff who have regional and national roles in emergency management.

Career Ready, DAY ONE.

Missouri Hope is truly a special opportunity that recreates a real-world disaster. This atmosphere is great to figure out if this is what students want to further pursue. There are a great number of experienced personnel that volunteer their time to make this experience realistic, making it a great opportunity to make connections, as well.

— Sarian Blunk

— Sarian Blunk

MoHope is unique across all the exercises in the amount of local role players they can bring to bear. Because this exercise has been going on for so long, local responders line up to be a part of the experience. The integration of local responders provides them the opportunity to learn and try new experiences in a new and challenging environment. Doing this makes them very similar to people we bring in from all over the world to experience the MoHope challenge. This is the only place in the United States where people interested in emergency management, disaster response, exercise planning, and leadership might combine all their desires into one exercise.

Clemson Turregano

Clemson Turregano
Network with participating Federal & State agencies

Network with participating Federal & State agencies

The program has partnered with several agencies including Maryville Public Safety, Nodaway and Buchanan County Emergency Management, Nodaway County Ambulance District, LifeFlight and LifeNet Air Ambulances, SEMA Region H Marine Hazmat Team, and the 1-129th Field Artillery Battalion Missouri Army National Guard.

Emergency Disaster Management Program

Emergency Disaster Management Program

Missouri Hope is designed for the Emergency Disaster Management major and minor programs. This field training exercise is a part of a profession-based learning experience at Northwest. Learn more about the EDM programs or check out the EDM visit day.


Travis Surprise
Emergency and Disaster Management Director/Instructor