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Michael Bellamy

Michael Bellamy



3200 Garrett-Strong


660.562.1188 (fax)

Joined Northwest in 1999



  • Ph.D. Chemistry; Kansas State University
  • M.S. Chemistry; Kansas State University
  • B.S. Chemistry; University of Nebraska

Courses Taught

  • General Chemistry I and Lab
  • General Chemistry II and Lab
  • Analytical Chemistry and Lab
  • Instrumental Analysis and Lab

Academic Interests

Teaching Interests

  • Analytical chemistry is changing fairly rapidly due to the advances in nanotechnology and bioanalytical chemistry. It is interesting to follow the changes and include them in the classroom.

Research Interests

  • I am currently mathematically modeling by-product formation when sodium hypochlorite is generated on site to disinfect water. Students are helping to compare predicted and actual concentrations of by-products to help understand the chemistry.

Scholarly Activity

  • Bellamy, Michael K., Using FTIR-ATR Spectroscopy to Teach the Internal Standard Method; Journal of Chemical Education; Vol. 87 No.12; December 2010; pp. 1399-1401.
  • Matthew Sandberg and Michael K. Bellamy; A Web-Based Applet to Teach Le Chatelier's Principle; Journal of Science Education; volume 5, N 1, January 2004.
  • Matthew Sandberg and Michael K. Bellamy; Equilibrium; Journal of Chemical Education; vol. 80, number 4, p. 456, 2003.
  • Adam Kneisel and Michael K. Bellamy; Measuring Breath Alcohol Concentrations with an FTIR Spectrometer; Journal of Chemical Education; Vol. 80, number 12, pages 1448-1450, December 2003
  • José L. Ramirez, Michael K. Bellamy, and Rodolfo Romañach;  A Novel Method for Analyzing Thick Tablets by Near Infrared Spectroscopy, AAPS PharmSciTech, 2 (3) article 11, 2001
  • Roberto Pastor, Raul Gómez, José Luis Ramírez, Orlando Rodriguez, Norman Mortensen, and Michael K. Bellamy; A Novel Sample Thief Designed to Avoid Biased Data; YEARBOOK 1999 Pharmaceutical Technology; October 1999

Student Group Advisement

  • Navigators


Personal Interests

  • I am on the board of directors for the House of Hope Haiti. I really enjoy using my knowledge of chemistry to help solve some of the water-related issues in Haiti.