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Michael Bay

Michael Bay



2657 Garrett Strong


580-453-1979 (cell)
660.562.1188 (fax)

Curriculum Vitae

Joined Northwest in 2023

Assistant Professor


  • Ph.D. Zoology, University of Arkansas
  • M.A. Biology, Sam Houston State University
  • B.S. Biology, Cameron University

Courses Taught

  • General Zoology
  • Human Anatomy
  • Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy
  • Ornithology
  • Mammalogy
  • Ichthyology
  • Vertebrate Natural History
  • Marine Biology
  • Medical Entomology
  • Animal Parasitology
  • General Ecology
  • Invertebrate Zoology
  • Field Zoology
  • Histology

Academic Interests

  • Ornithology
  • Vertebrate Ecology
  • Parasitology
  • Medical Entomology

Scholarly Activity

  • Bay, M.D. and R. Noah. 2022. Military Tropical Medicine Training – Protecting the Force from Infectious Disease.  The Rudder 14 (2), P. 14 
  • Bay, M.D. 2022. Training Future leaders for Navy Reserve Medicine. The Navy Reserve 1 (2), P. 15 
  • Bay, M.D., and F. Pfeffer. 2014. A Winter Record for the Rose- Breasted Grosbeak in Pontotoc County, Oklahoma. Bull. OK. Ornith. Soc. 47 (3), 17-20.
  • Bay, M.D. 2011. Anatomy dissection guide with reference to the human and cat. First Edition. Fountainhead Press. 
  • Bay, M.D. and K D. Andrews. 2009.  Prevalence of hematozoa parasites in some common passerine birds from east-central Oklahoma. Texas Journal of Science 61, 311-317. 
  • Bay, M.D. 2005. Western Tanager in Pontotoc County, Oklahoma. Bulletin of the Oklahoma Ornithological Society 38, 1-3. 
  • Bay, M.D. 2004. Prothonotary Warbler (Protonotaria citrea). P. 364-365 in Oklahoma Breeding Bird Atlas, D. Reinking (Ed). Univ. of Oklahoma Press 
  • Bay, M.D. and H. McGaha. 2000. Notes on the ecology of Eastern Bluebird nestlings occupying nest boxes in Pontotoc County, Oklahoma.  Proc. Okla. Acad. Sci. 80, 129-132.
  • Tyler, J.D., M. Haynie, C. Bordner and M. Bay. 2000. Notes on winter food habits of raccoons from western Oklahoma. Proc. Okla. Acad. Sci. 80, 115-117. 
  • Bay, M.D. 1999. The type B song of the Northern Parula: structure and geographic variation along proposed subspecies boundaries.  Wilson Bulletin 111, 505-514. 
  • Bay, M.D., and W.A. Carter. 1997. Use of Ground Skinks (Scincella lateralis) as food for nestling Eastern Bluebirds (Sialia sialis).  Bull. Texas Ornith. Soc. 30, 23-25

Other Professional Experiences

  • Medical Entomology and Environmental Science Officer, U.S. Navy Reserve
  • Senior Leader of Entomology, U.S. Navy Reserve
  • Professor and Chairman, Dept. of Biological and Environmental Sciences, East Central University, Ada, Ok
  • OIC (Officer in Charge), EMF Dallas, Detachment L, U.S. Navy, Midwest City, Ok


  • Teaching Excellence Award (2 awards), East Central University, Ada, Ok
  • Operational Entomology Training, Navy Entomology Center of Excellence, Jacksonville, Florida