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Library Spaces

B.D. Owens Library is committed to creating study spaces that support diverse/various learning needs. In an effort to support student, faculty, staff, and visitor study needs, B.D. Owens Library has outlined the following guidelines for noise levels in the building. The following expectations are strictly enforced; all library staff (including student employees) are authorized to address noise complaints. Disruptions to the learning environments may result in loss of library space use privileges and, in cases of repeatedly disrupting the learning environment, could result in a student conduct report.


Collaborative Areas
All areas on the 1st floor are designated as collaborative/freely talking areas.  Our 2nd floor spaces are also considered collaborative areas with some quieter space often found one the west side of 2nd.  While we encourage everyone to keep noise to a minimum throughout the building, we recognize the demand for collaborative work in the library and have designated these spaces as such.

Silent Area
B.D. Owens Library has reserved our third floor for silent study. This means all conversations, including phone calls, should be taken to the 1st or 2nd floors.  All of our individual study rooms are also silent study spaces since they are not sound proof; and individual occupancy is strictly enforced. Quiet conversation/collaboration is allowed in the group study rooms located on 3rd floor.

Cellphone Zones
Cellphones maybe be used in any space on the 1st and 2nd floors of B.D. Owens Library. Cellphones are to be turned off or set to silent when using open spaces or individual study rooms on the 3rd floor. Cellphone use is not permitted in 3rd floor bathrooms.


First/ground floor   
  • Collections
    • Popular reading, new books, DVD, and local newspaper collections
  • Offices & spaces
    • Novel Grounds, Library Services Desk, International Involvement Center, librarian offices, library administration offices, conference room, small group study rooms
  • Noise/sound level
    • Collaborative area - free conversation and group work
Second floor
  • Offices & Spaces
    • Student Success Center, Writing Center, Learning and Teaching Center
  • Noise/sound level
    • Collaborative area - free conversation and group work
Third floor
  • Collections
    • Main collection, Mayhew-Hubbard special collection, juvenile, curriculum materials, easy reading, quartos/folios
  • Spaces
    • Small group study rooms, individual study rooms
  • Noise/sound level
    • Silent study space - conversation is not permitted on the floor or in individual study rooms. Quiet conversation in group study rooms

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