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B. D. Owens Library is a service-oriented library designed to meet the varied learning and research needs of Northwest students, faculty, and staff. The library collection and services support scholarly research and provide current information that promotes student competencies concerning lifelong learning, critical thinking, communication, and research.

The library’s website provides access to materials for currently enrolled students, faculty and staff through the library’s robust catalog and databases. The library provides books, eBooks, documents, and electronic periodicals. Through the EBSCOhost platform, eBooks are available with additional access to more items through the statewide catalog maintained by the MOBIUS consortium of libraries. Interlibrary loan service is available for additional materials.

The librarians deliver assistance with research and citations through broad array of delivery methods, including chat, walk-in, e-mail, phone, guides and instructional sessions. To make a special appointment for getting personalized research assistance on a specific topic, request one here.


B.D. Owens Library will inspire intellectual and personal growth.


B.D. Owens Library aspires to provide quality resources, expert services, and inclusive spaces to cultivate intellectual growth and life-long learning in the diverse communities we serve.


Connection:  engage with students, faculty, staff, and community members

Diversity:  be inclusive and respectful, value individual and cultural differences, ideas, and perspectives

Education:  provide services, resources, and conditions to foster lifelong learning, intellectual curiosity, and innovation

Intellectual Freedom:  foster exchange of controversial or unconventional ideas and provide an environment and collection that does not censor information

Privacy:  provide confidentiality for users

Professionalism:  act with integrity, be competent, and communicate in a timely and open manner

Sustainability:  manage economic, environmental, and social risks, obligations, and opportunities to ensure ongoing success


Disrupting the living/learning environment or misusing property (including electronic resources) will not be tolerated, will be reported immediately to University Police, and may result in the guest being banned from the library.

Those using the Library’s public access computers are additionally expected to comply with all laws, Northwest Missouri State University computing policies, and any policies specific to a resource. 

Viewing of pornographic material in a public computer lab is a state offense according to Missouri Statute §573.060 and will be reported to the University Police. Click the link to view the Appropriate Use of Licensed Electronic Resources Policy. 

Minors in the library:

Northwest students, faculty, and staff have priority usage of library resources.

Minors between the ages of 14-17 without a valid Northwest Missouri State University Identification card must submit a signed Parental Permission Consent Consent Form, which outlines general behavioral expectations and internet access guidelines. Forms are available from and should be returned to the Library Services Desk. The form must be signed by the parent and the child and be on file in the library before access to computers will be permitted. Minors under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at all times.

Guests may be asked to show proof of age upon request by Northwest Missouri State University personnel. If proof cannot be presented at the time of the request, the guest will be asked to leave the facility until s/he can present proof of age.

Art guidelines

  • Artwork displayed in the library should not be illegal, obscene, defamatory, threatening, infringing on intellectual property rights, invasive of privacy, profane, libelous, threatening, harassing, abusive, hateful, or embarrassing to any person or entity.
  • Artists are asked to be mindful of space and patrons, as all exhibit space in the library is in high-traffic, public areas, and patrons range in age from very young to more mature individuals
  • Exhibited work should support the educational/academic/creative goals of the department and/or university
  • Exhibition of work that is not part of the library’s permanent collection is subject to consideration of time/space constraints

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B.D. Owens Library by the numbers

B.D. Owens Library by the numbers

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