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Team Connect-a-Cat

Team Connect-a-Cat

(left to right) Front row: BreAnna Reeve, Didar Orazgeldiyev
Back row: Alyssa Zion, Anna-Claire Matz, Deep Shikha, Juliet Johnson

Project Manager

Juliet Johnson is a junior Marketing major from Trenton, Missouri. Juliet joined Knacktive to participate in a real-world experience while working with a team of fellow students to lead, organize and create a marketing strategy for a client. After graduation, Juliet plans to move to Kansas City to complete her MBA in Marketing degree online and eventually wants a fulfilling career that helps others.

Public Relations Manager and Multiplatform Content Creator

Anna-Claire Matz is a senior Organizational Communication major from Liberty, Missouri. Anna-Claire joined Knacktive to gain real-world experience and get a better understanding of what she would like to do in the future. After graduation, she plans to move home to Kansas City and continue serving while looking for a full-time job.

Media Manager

BreAnna Reeve is a senior Broadcast and Production major from Independence, Missouri. BreAnna joined Knacktive to take the skills she has developed working at Steel City Media in Kansas City, improve them, as well as gain new skills and experiences. After graduation, she plans to pursue a career in radio broadcasting, promotions, and social media specialties.

Marketing Strategist

Alyssa Zion is a junior Business Management and Marketing major from Camden Point, Missouri. Alyssa joined Knacktive because of the opportunity to experience what it is like to be in a marketing position. After graduation, she plans to find work at a marketing agency.

Art Director and Graphic Designer

Didar Orazgeldiyev is a senior Digital Media: Visual Imaging major from Mary, Turkmenistan. Didar joined Knacktive to gain more career-related experience and improve his soft skills. After graduating he plans to move back to the East Coast and work as a UX designer, specifically a visual designer or an in-house graphic designer.

Digital Manager

Deep Shikha is a senior, Computer Science major from Delhi, India. Deep joined Knacktive inspired by the opportunity to apply her computer science skills in a practical setting. Her goal is to gain hands-on experience working with clients and solving real-world problems. After graduation, she envisions contributing to the industry, utilizing her expertise to make a significant impact and driving innovation in the digital and software realm.