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Team Alchemy

Team Alchemy

Front (left to right): Tasha Sherman, Lauren Green, Amanda Herzberg, Brooke Berryhill; Back: Steven Scheffe, Chayse Barr, Paul Johnson, Kyle Ryals

While considering the client, Science City, one group announced its name as Team Alchemy. Alchemy is defined as the science of pursing the transformation of common based metals into more desired metals such as gold or silver.

Team Alchemy consists of eight members, who combined together have eight areas of study. The team chose the name Alchemy, because they hope to integrate their talents and ideas to produce a golden outcome. The members of Team Alchemy consist of Chayse Barr, Brooke Berryhill, Lauren Green, Amanda Herzberg, Paul Johnson, Kyle Ryals, Steven Scheffe, and Tasha Sherman.

Media Manager Chayse Barr joined Knacktive for the opportunity to gain real world experience working in a team atmosphere. Chayse is from Maryville, MO with a double major in Interactive Digital Media (New Media) and Applied Advertising.

Copywriter Brooke Berryhill, a Business Marketing/Management major, decided to join Knacktive for the marketing experience and opportunity to work as part of an accomplished team. Brooke is from Osceola, IA.

Graphic Designer Lauren Green, is a Graphic Design major. She joined Knacktive to gain the experience to use in her future career field. Lauren is from Indianola, IA.

Art Director Amanda Herzberg joined Knacktive to "learn cross-disciplinary skills from my teammates, gain team skills, encounter challenges that will require our group to come up with innovative solutions, and to have an  opportunity to work with a real client." Amanda is from Afton, IA and is also a Graphic Design Major.

Project Manager Paul Johnson is from Denton, KS and is a Management Information Systems major. Paul joined because it will provide him hands-on experience of managing a team, which will then look good to potential employers.

Public Relations Manager Kyle Ryals chose to join Knacktive for the many opportunities. By gaining firsthand knowledge of public relations he hopes to determine if it would be the career choice for him. Kyle is a Public Relations major from Independence, MO.

Interactive/Digital Manager Steven Scheffe is a Computer Science Major with a double minor in Mathematical Science and Interactive Digital Media. Steven is originally from Maryville, MO and wanted to be part of Knacktive because "It seemed like a great opportunity to gain some valuable real world experience while working alongside other dedicated students. Also, being someone who had really exciting experiences at Science City as a kid, I was really eager to be a part of this endeavor to give back to a client with which I had childhood ties."

Research Manager Tasha Sherman is from St. Joseph, Mo. As a Business Management/Marketing major, Tasha joined Knacktive because she thought "It would be a cool opportunity and a great way to gain experience for the future."