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Student Application Form

Please complete this form if you wish to be considered for any position in Knacktive. You must answer all of the questions and submit the two required references to be considered. Two references must complete the reference form online by Tuesday, September 29, 2023.

Once your completed application, resume and references are received you will be contacted to setup an interview. Good luck!

All fields required.

Student Information


Please indicate the position you feel most qualified to fill. You may apply to be considered for as many as three positions, so indicate your order of preference.


Please refer to the required courses and/or experiences for each position. Have you taken all the required courses for your desired role(s)?

Skills & Abilities

Working in an agency setting required multiple skills and abilities, please rate the applicant on the following areas using a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being poor and 10 being outstanding. If you do not have experience with a certain area, please mark not applicable.


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You must also have two references: one Northwest faculty or staff member and one employer/mentor from outside the University. Both must be familiar with your work habits and skills.

You should provide your references with this link: which will take them to the brief questionnaire. Your references must return their completed form by Tuesday, September 29, 2023. Also send your resume to immediately after you complete and submit this form.

If you are requesting a recommendation from a Northwest faculty or staff member, please complete the FERPA release form View Dynamic Form and give it to him/her upon your request.