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Financial Aid

If I receive financial aid, can I use it for my study abroad program?

Yes. Loans, grants, etc. may be applied to your study abroad costs. The Study Abroad Office enrolls you in what is called a "Holding Course" so you remain eligible for Federal and State Aid, and can apply Northwest scholarships (if applicable to that program).

Are ALL my study abroad costs eligible for financial aid?

Not quite. All program costs are considered "aid eligible" – this includes passport and visa costs, and R/T airfare. But it doesn't include those souvenirs you buy or those fun weekend sightseeing trips you might take.

The student may or may not get financial aid that covers the budget suggested by the Study Abroad Office. This depends on calculations and eligibility of the student and the family income as reported to the IRS and though FAFSA.

When do I meet with the financial aid advisor about my program?

After you are accepted to your program of study, the SA Office will send a program budget to you and the Financial Aid Advisor. Then you may then talk to the Financial Aid advisor about available aid and what will covered.

What do I do after I meet with the financial aid advisor?

Financial Aid will update your financial aid offer. Then log into CatPAWS to access and accept your offer, just like you do every semester.

Which programs can I use my Northwest Scholarships for (like Bearcat Advantage and Merit Awards)?

Any program that charges Northwest tuition and fees automatically have Northwest scholarships applied. These programs usually fall into 2 categories: Exchange Programs and Faculty Led Programs. If eligible, you can also apply Federal and State Aid to these programs.

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Some programs—usually called DIRECT or through what we call Program Providers—allow you apply federal and state aid, but you can't apply some Northwest scholarships because you are not paying tuition to Northwest. DIRECT programs do not charge Northwest tuition, but rather a program fee.

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