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FIS Student Application

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Are you an exchange student?

Are you married?

Is your spouse living in the US?

Do you have children?

*What is your Friend preference?

Select 1 for your first preference, 2 for second, etc. While every attempt will be made to match you with a Friend who shares your interests, your preference cannot be guaranteed.

Are you allergic to animals?

*Would you prefer to be matched with a friend with?

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  • I give my permission to have this information released to my Friend and volunteers in the FIS Program.
  • I agree to be a Friend until May.  I understand that we will contact each other once a month from September to May.  My Friend will include me in some activities, so I can learn more about life and culture in the US, and I will invite my Friend to some cultural events.  I also agree to support activities planned for the Friends of International Students.
  • I have read and understand the guidelines (above) regarding the program and interacting with my Friend