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Call for Proposals

Proposal are being accepted until November 8, 2021. Please use the following fill-in-the-blank form to submit your proposal online

You will not be asked for the full-length presentation at this time, but you will be asked to provide the following information about your presentation:
  • Title
  • Summary of presentation
  • Outline of presentation
  • Learning objectives
  • Which NCTRC job analysis area it relates to
  • Length (60-90 minutes)
  • The speakers contact info and LinkedIn profile link


As the one submitting the presentation, you are the primary contact for your session. But, if you will be presenting with others, it is imperative that you provide their contact information so that we can keep them updated of any schedule changes, Covid-related changes, as well as sending any follow-up appreciation for their time. All presenters will need to register for the Symposium, unless you only plan to present your session and leave.  We don’t want that! We want everyone to take advantage of all the expertise that will be shared and the professional networking that will occur during the three day event. If you’re selected as a presenter, you and any co-presenters will receive the discounted conference rate of $225.