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Philanthropy vs. Service/Volunteering

Philanthropy vs. Community Service 

Philanthropy and Community Service are very different activities, tracked in separate ways.

  • If you are doing an activity in order to fundraise for a charitable organization, this is a philanthropy activity.
  • If you are simply volunteering your time to a project without any compensation, this is considered volunteering or community service.


Service Opportunities:

GET Engaged! Make a Difference! To find service events, you will need to access the BearcatLink Events page. Instructions on how to do so are below:

  • Once you are on the Events page, you can find service events one of two ways:
    • Click the Earn option in the search bar and select the "Service Hours" option
    • Click the Category option in the search bar and select the "Service/Volunteer" option

Track Your Service Hours 

Check back in the future for exact procedures. Don’t forget to keep philanthropy giving hours and fundraising hours separate.