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Form an Organization

Haven't found an organization that serves your interest? Make your own!

Starting an Organization

With more than 150 organizations to choose from, it's hard to imagine wanting more! However, if you can't find a group that matches your interest, or if you have an idea for a new organization, we encourage you to take the initiative to form a new one. 

  1. Check to make sure another organization like this isn't already formed (search on Bearcat Link).
  2. Register as a NEWBIE Organization!
    • The form is located on Bearcat Link:
    • Fill out the form and turn it in on Presence, then wait for approval from Student Senate.
    • The Assistant Director of the OSI will then finalize your application and you will be contacted with next steps, which includes RSO training and creating your org's page.

Checklist of items needed to start a new organization: 

  • Get an Advisor
    • He/She must be willing
    • Be a full-time Northwest faculty or staff member
    • Must complete an online risk management/Title IX training module
    • Must be tied to the organization's online account
  • Executive Board 
    • Must be made up of at least 5 positions including: "President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Service Chair"
    • President must be a full-time Northwest student 
  • Constitution/By-Laws 
    • Student Organizations are required to submit a governing document regarding how the organization will be run. Typically, this document takes the form of a Constitution, a set of By-Laws or a document that combines the two. 

How to Start an Organization Tutorial:


What a Newbie Organization Can Do:

  • Reserve Info Tables (up to twice per semester)
  • Reserve rooms for meetings (up to twice per semester) 
  • Post fliers (up to twice per semester - with approval of the Office of Student Involvement)
  • Fliers should be for general name recognition or to promote informational meetings ONLY 

What Newbie Organizations Cannot Do:

  • Collect Dues 
  • Fundraise
  • Hold Events (either on or off campus) 

Meeting with Student Org Affairs Committee & Full Senate

  • After completing the registration process, you will be sent an invitation to talk about your organization with the Org Affairs Committee.
  • If the Org Affairs Committee votes to approve your organization, you will be invited to a second meeting where you will present before the entire Student Senate.