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How to Plan a Service Event

1. Be Intentional:

Determine what would be the most meaningful project and choose a focus area - Is this going to be a one-time service event, ongoing service, advocacy, or philanthropic event? How much time is your organization willing to commit? Are there other organizations on campus or in the community you could partner with?

2. Contact Agencies:

Check out our Agencies tab for some partners that cater to your service focus area.

3. Planning the Event:

4. Engage in Service Event:

The day has finally come! This is the time to put all of your preparation into action. Take plenty of pictures and recordings/testimonies of your work (when/if appropriate). 

5. Implement Reflection Plan:

Before the event, reflect on expectations you and your group might have in anticipation to your service. Following the event, reflect on your experiences with your attendees. 

6. Share your Service Story:

Create a video, slideshow of pictures, blog, event on the Northwest website, and share on social media and with the Northwest Media Center.