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How to Log Service Hours

All members of Greek Life and other student organizations should track their service hours using BearcatLink.

Step - log in with your private ID (S#) and password 
Step 2: Click your profile/account tab in the top right corner
Step 3: Click "Service Hours" from the drop-down box
Step 4: Click "+ Add Service Hours" in the blue rectangle box near the top right corner of the screen
Step 5: Click "Organizations" and choose your intended organization from the drop-down box provided
Step 6: Provide a detailed description of your service, the date, hours and minutes, and a verification contact
Step 7: Click "Create" in the blue rectangle box at the bottom of the screen to submit your service hours

If you have questions regarding how to log your service hours, submissions, or if an activity counts as service, please email the Service and Engagement graduate assistant at

Donating money to an organization's cause is constituted as philanthropy, not service.