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As in the past, students will perform a piece for one judge and will then receive some comments on a personal level.

  1. Each event is given seven (7) minutes.
  2. Memorization is optional.
  3. Accompaniment is optional.
  4. Selections are to be contest-type solo and ensemble literature; exercises from method books are not acceptable; students may perform 1 or 2 pieces.
  5. The size of ensembles will range from two (2) to eight (8) players.
  6. Each individual is limited to three (3) events.
  7. Events will include woodwind, brass, percussion, strings, piano, and vocal solos and woodwind, brass, strings, percussion, and vocal ensembles.
  8. An entry fee of $8.00 for each solo and $10.00 for each ensemble is to be paid before the student(s) will be allowed to perform. (NO EXCEPTIONS)
  9. Certificates will be given to each soloist or member of an ensemble on the rating system of I-Superior, II-Excellent, and III-Good.
  10. The contest is open to all junior high school students in grades 7 and 8. Teachers may submit students from grades 5 and 6, but this MUST be approved by the Festival Coordinator.
  11. Photocopied music is DISCOURAGED! All ensembles and soloists must supply the judge with an original part (with each measure numbered).
  12. Some percussion instruments will be provided by the University. They are as follows: Bass drum, 4 or 4 1/3 octave marimba, xylophone, bells and timpani.
  13. Percussionists MUST PROVIDE THEIR OWN: snare, mallets, beaters, cymbals, and auxiliary equipment!
  14. Please make a typed list of all student names and send it back with the contest forms, email, or bring it with you so we can avoid all errors in the spelling of student’s names on certificates.