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Insurance & Claims

Risk Management / Insurance Specialist

The Risk Management/Insurance Specialist works with University, Missouri State Office of Administration Risk Management, brokers, agents, insurance companies and claimants. The Risk Management/Insurance Specialist is responsible for providing assistance with the claims process filing timely reports for claims relating to the property and liability of the University.

Primary Services provided by this Office include:

  • Maintaining insurance policies including Property, General Liability and University Vehicles.
  • Claims handling including Property, General Liability, State of Missouri Loss Notices and University Vehicles,
  • All requests for Certificate of Insurance from the University for liability and property
  • TULIP coverage for off campus events being held at the University by outside organizations
  • Assistance of requesting and filing of Certificate of Insurance for events being held on campus by non-University persons or off campus organizations
  • Annual Vehicle Insurance chargeback to university departments
  • Provide insurance requirements for 5K walk/run events
  • Handle the claims process for baseball claims

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