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Teacher Education Students must be familiar with a number of different standards that relate to teaching. Use the links below to view each standard set.

Missouri Standards for the Preparation of Educators (MoSPE)

National Educational Technology Standards
for Teachers (ISTE NETS-T)

These standards and performance profiles provide a framework for the expectations of all teacher education students and professors in regard to technology.

National Educational Technology Standards
for Students (ISTE NETS-S)

These standards and performance indicators provide a framework for teachers developing technology rich learning environments for students in the K-12 school.

The State of Missouri has adopted the International Society for Technology in Education Standards. Visit the ISTE website for more information on standards and technology integration, including lesson plans. You will also find technology standards for school administrators, a list of states that have adopted the ISTE standards, and other useful information.

Interstate Teaching Assessment and Support Consortium Standards (InTASC)