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Research and Independent Studies

Research Projects

The MS-ACS program is not a thesis based program and hence there is no research work as a part of the program. However, students can always consult with the faculty here, who keep working on individual research projects continuously. The student may get a chance to work on that research work with the faculty.

However, all the students have to explore and work on graduate directed projects as part of their program. The list of projects finished by earlier students can be found at the projects page link.

Independent Studies

MS-ACS program provides flexibility to the students to work on an independent project in their area of interest. The student can work on any project of their interest using technology, under the guidance of a faculty and can finish this course within the time allotted. This course provides the opportunity for students to explore any technology or project that is not available in the program as of now. This is considered as an independent course, post completion of this course, 1 hour will be added to the student's degree audit.