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On-Campus Interns

Starting in the fall of 2019, Northwest departments and offices will be able to convert student employment funds into on-campus internships. This will allow students to test-drive potential careers, build marketable resumes and expand real-world skills all without leaving campus.

Benefits Of Hiring An On-Campus Intern

Details To Consider While Developing An Internship Program

  1. Who will coordinate the hiring process?
  2. Majors desired
  3. Brief description of the work experience you plan to provide
  4. Beginning and ending dates
  5. Job location
  6. Qualifications you desire—coursework, year in college, etc.
  7. Rate of pay (if you are a for-profit organization)
  8. Number of openings
  9. Where and when you plan to interview
  10. How students should apply/respond
  11. Application deadline

Academic Credit

Some students may wish to gain academic credit for their internship. If so, the student initiates this paperwork procedure to establish this three-way agreement between the student, the department and you, the employer. A Northwest Academic Internship is a guided work experience in a professional field with an approved employer or organization, for which a student earns academic credit. Several Northwest majors require an academic internship as part of their curriculum. Other students may also complete an academic internship as an elective course. Each academic department or school establishes its own internship criteria and requirements.

Students doing on-campus internships can complete the experience for academic credit or not, depending on their department requirements and needs. A faculty member may or may not approve an on-campus experience for academic credit depending on what their school or department requires. 

Internship Development Resources

As you develop an internship program or opportunity you may have questions. The following resources should assist you.

Intern Supervisor Resources

Career Services has developed the following resources to help on-campus intern supervisors get started with the internship process.

Additional Information

If you have any questions about on-campus internships or would like to start the process for your office, please contact:


Travis Kline
Career Development Coordinator - Internships
Northwest Missouri State University
130 Administration Building