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Career Readiness Badge

The Booth School of Business now offers a Career Readiness Badge through Credly that you as a student can proudly add to your online profiles. If you attend a minimum of eight of the activities/events listed below during your time as an undergraduate business major, the badge will be available for you to post on social media to display to your future employer. The school will automatically track your attendance and completion of the different activities and events then notify you when your badge is available. You can reach out to the Business Graduate Assistants at to see your status.

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Qualifying events

Qualifying events

Here are some example events that qualify towards the Career Readiness Badge. 

  • Study Abroad 
  • Knacktive 
  • Business Internship 
  • Officer for Business Student Organization 
  • Personal Money Management 
  • Leadership Program 
  • Career Day 
  • Mock Interview Day 
  • Etiquette Dinner 
  • Faculty-led Booth School of Business Field Trip 
  • Diversity and Inclusion Presentation 
Skills gained

Skills gained

  • Empathy and diversity 
  • Adaptability (constant learning) 
  • Critical thinking 
  • Ethical decision making and problem solving 
  • Networking  
  • Teamwork 
  • Leadership 
  • Business acumen  

More details


Business undergraduate students earn this badge after completing the four-year comprehensive Career Readiness Program, which equips them with essential skills for the modern business world. After completion, the student can proudly include this badge on their online profiles as a representation of a skill set that is vital for success in today’s corporate landscape. 

This badge focuses on building empathy and valuing diversity, which are key for working well in diverse teams. Badge holders also demonstrate their ability to adapt and learn continuously, thanks to hands-on experience with real world challenges. This prepares them to tackle the ever-changing demands of the professional world with confidence. 

This badge represents a strong capacity for critical thinking. Students who earn this badge can address tricky situations, look at problems in different ways, and come up with creative solutions. Ethical decision-making is also a big part of this badge, showing that the person sticks to their principles, even when faced with tough ethical questions. 

Moreover, the program helps students practice their networking, teamwork, and leadership skills – skills that will aid them in making successful collaborations, achieve positive results, and lead teams toward common goals. The student will be equipped with the skills necessary to build and keep professional relationships and to use them to tap into collective expertise and drive important initiatives.  

The badge aims to help the student turn business acumen into valuable real-world action and application. It’s about transforming theory into practical solutions and scenarios. With this badge, the student is set to confidently navigate the fast-paced professional world and be a valuable part of any organization’s success.  

As a badge holder, students can proudly show off their achievements on their online profiles. It shows that the student is committed to continuous growth and ready to handle the challenges of today’s business world. This badge covers a range of important skills – empathy, adaptability, critical thinking, ethical decision-making, networking, and leadership – which will be helpful during the student’s dynamic and meaningful career after college.


Do I have to apply for this?

No, the Booth School of Business automatically enrolls you in the program when you declare an undergraduate business major in the Booth School of Business.

Why should I get this badge?

This badge is a great way to display for future employers that you have practiced soft skills related to the business world and demonstrates your involvement and engagement.

How many activities or events do I need to attend to earn the badge?

The badge requires you to attend or complete eight unique activities and/or events while a declared undergraduate business major in the Booth School of Business.

How can I see my current status?

Contact the Booth School of Business graduate assistants (

I went to Career Day/Mock Interview Day before declaring a business major, why are they not accounted for?

Attending Career Day or Mock Interview Day before declaring your business major would not apply, as you would have engaged with activities related to your prior major. You will have to go again after declaring your business major.

I went to an event but it has not been registered, what can I do?

Email the Business Graduate Assistants at and request they review the event roster.

Can I receive points for towards this badge through non-university events?

No, this badge is specifically designed for activities and events organized by the Booth School of Business and Northwest Missouri State University, including for credit internships.

Can I still earn the badge if I miss an event?

Yes, the badge program aims for the students to complete one event or activity per semester for their four years in the undergraduate program. However, there are multiple events every semester and the program does not need to follow that schedule strictly. Look at the event and activities list and pick out a different one held this semester or double up next semester!

Do I need to pay any fees to participate in the badge program?

No, the badge is free.

Can I participate in the badge program if I'm an online student?

This badge is available to any student who is able to complete the required activities.

Is there a deadline for completing the badge requirements?

All badge requirements must be completed before graduation. If you attend the commencement ceremony in May but are completing your degree during the summer, you can still receive points up until you complete your course work.

When will I get the badge on LinkedIn?

Once completion is sent to Credly, please allow a few business days for the badge acceptance email to arrive.

How do I get the badge on Credly and LinkedIn?

After badge completion is sent to Credly, they will send you an email telling you about the credential you have received, most likely from You will be asked to create an account and confirm your email. After you create the account and log in, you will be prompted to accept your new badge issued by Northwest Missouri State University. Accepting a badge will add it to your profile.

Once you have the badge on your Credly profile, click on your badge and the “Share” button. Navigate to the “Promote” section and click on the LinkedIn link. You will be prompted to log into LinkedIn and allow permission so Credly can post on your behalf to share the badge. The accounts will be connected, and you can now share your achievement with an optional message if needed. You can decide to share it as a post or just save it as a license/certificate on your profile.

Can I showcase this badge on platforms other than LinkedIn?

Yes, as of right now you can share your achievement on Facebook, Twitter and ZipRecruiter in addition to LinkedIn. You can also send your badge through email, a public link, or an embedded code. You can also download the badge image and the certificate.